Best Amazon October Prime Day storage deals 2023: PC, Steam Deck, PS5 & more

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Storage isn’t the most exciting thing on the planet, but Prime Day is a perfect time to get those boring bits and bobs for your PC.

From microSD cards to SSDs, whether you need to upgrade your PC or add some more storage to your Xbox, we’re going to scour Prime Day for the zestiest deals.

Pretty much everything you game on will need some extra space these days, as a PS5 can be filled up with just a few measly titles before asking you to delete something.

Storage prices have begun to tank a little bit, as the requirements since 2020 have slowly died off. This is great news for us though, as it means we can take advantage of some massively low prices.

Best PC storage Prime Day deals

Too many games on your PC? Never fear, Prime Day is here. PC storage upgrades are getting incredibly easy, and relatively cheap as well. You won’t want to miss out on replacing that dying HDD with a superior NVMe or SSD.

Steam Deck SSD Prime Day deals

There’s not a lot of selection for the 2230 NVMe drive that the Steam Deck requires for an upgrade. However, Sabrent and the other options that are available on Amazon have had a price fluctuation consistently throughout the year. This means that you’ll absolutely be able to grab a bargain this Prime Day.

Steam Deck & Switch microSD card Prime Day deals

MicroSD card slot on Ayaneo Air PlusDexerto

Not feeling too brave and want to just upgrade the storage of your Steam Deck simply? Well, the trust microSD card will also see some killer deals happen this Prime Day, as we’ve noticed that prices are coming down on everything from 512GB to 1TB storage.

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Xbox Series X & S expansion card Prime Day deals

Expansion cards for the Xbox Series X and S are exceptionally expensive. However, with Western Digital throwing its hat into the ring, we have seen some movement on prices for the Seagate drives to combat it.

These drives should see some sort of price drop, and while Amazon doesn’t appear to be stocking the WD option just yet, it means that Seagate could turn around and surprise us.

PS5 NVMe storage Prime Day deals


The mighty PS5 and its niche requirements shouldn’t be too hard to fill out these days. NVMe drives are aplenty, while the prices on the Gen 4 that Sony requires you to have inside, have been seeing drops below $100.

We’ll bring you the best and most sensible deals for Prime Day and your PS5, as storage on the PS5 doesn’t need to be ludicrously fast. Remember, there’s a hard cap on how fast the device can go.

Best external storage Prime Day deals

Portable storage is a lifesaver and we recommend it for nearly anyone. Whether it is for gaming on tight-spaced laptops, or for backing up, Prime Day will be bringing you some cracking deals on storage across the board.

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