God of War director says Starfield is best single-player game ever after finishing it

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Bethesda’s space odyssey, Starfield, has captivated the gaming community, and industry experts are gushing about it. After completing Starfield, the director of the first God of War and Twisted Metal games, David Jaffe, has declared it to be the greatest single-player game. Here’s more to what he said.

Players have greeted Starfield with open arms, giving the game high marks for its open-world, plot, and technical achievements. Bethesda’s first excursion into science fiction has been welcomed with excitement, despite the game’s numerous bugs and issues.

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Moreover, both longtime Bethesda fans and industry veterans have praised the studio’s efforts for offering gamers an experience of a lifetime. David Jaffe, the man behind the first God of War game, has publicly endorsed Starfield and encouraged his fans and gamers to pick it up.

However, as soon as David finished playing it himself, he proclaimed Starfield to be the greatest single-player video game ever created. Here’s more on what he said and how his fans reacted.

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God of War director David Jaffe hails Starfield as the best single-player game ever

“And that’s STARFIELD. I’ve only completed the main quest and touched a bit of the side stuff (so who knows, New Game+ could destroy my sentiments) but at the moment: it’s the best singleplayer game I’ve ever played”, said Jaffe in his latest post on X.

The video game director also shared an image of the game credits showing praise for the team behind it as well as a screenshot of how long it took him to finish his playthrough, which was almost two and a half days.

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Going further he said, “Everything I was hoping for and more. So excited to go live to talk about it tomorrow!” While that wasn’t enough Jaffe further told fans he “never even looked up” while playing and went on to add, “Thank you Bethesda and Xbox – this had to be a hell of a boulder to push up the hill. But y’all made a damn classic and it touched my soul. I’m so appreciative!”

As soon as he shared his thoughts, comments from both fans and haters of the game started pouring in. One fan commented, “Insane praise by the man himself. It’s definitely my GotY for a fact and easily one of Bethesda’s best games”.

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Another user who doesn’t seem to be fond of the game chimed in, “It’s the most ‘meh’ game I’ve ever played, personally.”

Well, now that Starfield is officially on Game Pass, there has been no better time to delve into the game. So, if you’re looking to begin your own adventure through the stars, then be sure to check out our Starfield page for all the latest news and guides. 

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