Pokemon Scarlet & Violet Secrets of Area Zero DLC: Price, Release window, and early purchase bonuses

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet DLC Expansion PassThe Pokemon Company

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet fans can now look forward to DLC later in 2023, with the announcement of the DLC expansion “The Hidden Treasure of Area Zera”.

Since its release, Pokemon Scarlet & Violet players have speculated whether the new Paldea region would get DLC similar to those seen in Sword & Shield. Thankfully, after announcements during the 2023 Pokemon Day Presents, it has been confirmed new content is coming for the Gen 9 games, introducing both new and familiar Pokemon species alongside new story content and challenges.

During the Pokemon Presents Livestream, fans were given updates on Roaming Form Gimmighoul, Pokemon Sleep, and Scarlet & Violet compatibility with Pokemon HOME. It was also announced that two new Legendary Pokemon are joining the Paldea Pokedex – Walking Wake and Iron Leaves.

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However, the DLC announcement was one of the most exciting surprises of the livestream. Below is everything Pokemon Scarlet & Violet fans need to know about the first waves of DLC, how to pre-order it, and what bonuses can be earned for snagging the pass early.

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet DLCThe Pokemon Company

How to pre-order the Pokemon Scarlet & Violet DLC

Players looking to pre-order the DLC “The Hidden Treasure of Area Zero” can do so by purchasing it today via the Nintendo store. Players will need to make sure to purchase the correct pass for either game, as they are version-specific. The DLC will cost $34.99 USD, and those who are looking to purchase the expansion for both games will need to buy it twice.

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The Hidden Treasure of Area Zero preorder and DLC bonuses

Fans who purchase the DLC will receive a uniform expansion set that offers new items of clothing to dress the protagonists in.

Additionally, players who pre-order the Pokemon Scarlet & Violet DLC will also receive an exclusive Hisuian Zorark code. This Hisuian Zoroark will know an unusual move, and can only be claimed by those who preorder by Tuesday, October 31, 2023.

Everything included in The Hidden Treasure of Area Zero DLC expansion

The Pokemon Scarlet & Violet DLC expansion includes two separate story arcs that will release at different times.

Part 1, “The Teal Mask” is set to release in the fall of 2023, and will take players to the new land of Kitakami. Here, a mystery will need to be solved following the town’s local folklore.

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Part 2, “The Indigo Disk” is set to release in the Winter of 2023 and will task the player with becoming an exchange student at Blueberry Academy.

Both installations will introduce new Legendary Pokemon, as well as expand the Pokedex with species from previous generations. However, it is mentioned on the official website that the release windows are subject to change. Because of this, players will want to keep a close eye on any official updates near the end of the summer.

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