List of Pokemon Scarlet & Violet trade codes to get version exclusives

Trade Codes used to trade version exclusives in Pokemon Scarlet and VioletThe Pokemon Company

Using trade codes in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet is one of the easiest ways to get version exclusives, Paradox Pokemon, or even the two starters you didn’t choose – so here’s a list of every trade code you can use right now.

Every mainline Pokemon game has exclusive creatures that can only be caught in one version, and that’s no different in Scarlet & Violet. This means there are quite a few Pokemon that you’ll only be able to get by trading with a friend or visiting their game.

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But what if you don’t have any friends who are playing the opposite version of the game? That’s where trade codes come into play.

These unified codes (officially known as Link Codes in the game) let you arrange trades with Trainers around the world to get the Pokemon you both want, whether that’s swapping a Quaxly for a Fuecoco or trading a Scarlet-exclusive Scream Tail for a Violet-exclusive Iron Bundle.

Below, you’ll find all of the Pokemon Scarlet & Violet trade codes you need to get version exclusives, starters, and Paradox Pokemon, as well as details on how to use these codes.

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A trainer using trade codes to swap PokemonThe Pokemon Company
The Poke Portal can help you swap Pokemon.

Scarlet & Violet starter Pokemon trade codes

To get the two starter Pokemon you didn’t choose in Scarlet & Violet, you can use these trade codes:

Trade CodePokemon You HavePokemon You Want
0001 – 0004SprigatitoFuecoco
0001 – 0007SprigatitoQuaxly
0001 – 0004FuecocoSprigatito
0004 – 0007FuecocoQuaxly
0001 – 0007QuaxlySprigatito
0004 – 0007QuaxlyFuecoco

Before you trade your only starter Pokemon, you’ll want to breed more of it. You can do this by setting up a picnic with only a Ditto and your starter Pokemon in your party.

After a while, eggs should begin to appear in the picnic basket next to the table. Then it’s simply a case of adding the egg to your party and waiting for it to hatch!

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Scarlet & Violet version-exclusive Pokemon trade codes

Some Pokemon only appear in either Scarlet or Violet, so these trade codes are designed to help you swap version exclusives:

Trade CodePokemon You HavePokemon You Want
0166 – 0167ArmarougeCeruledge
0319 – 0320StonjournerEiscue
0313 – 0314OranguruPassimian
0223 – 0223Tauros (Fire)Tauros (Water)
0227 – 0140StunkyGulpin
0227 – 0140SkuntankSwalot
0143 – 0114DrifloonMisdreavus
0143 – 0114DrifblimMismagius
0337 – 0339SkrelpClauncher
0337 – 0339DragalgeClawitzer
0316 – 0276LarvitarBagon
0316 – 0276PupitarShelgon
0316 – 0276TyranitarSalamence
0370 – 0305DeinoDreepy
0370 – 0305ZweilousDrakloak
0370 – 0305HydreigonDragapult
0376 – 0382Great TuskIron Treads
0377 – 0383Scream TailIron Bundle
0378 – 0384Brute BonnetIron Hands
0379 – 0385Flutter ManeIron Jugulis
0380 – 0386Slither WingIron Moth
0381 – 0387Sandy ShocksIron Thorns
0397 – 0398Roaring MoonIron Valiant
0399 – 0400KoraidonMiraidon

These trade codes put Scarlet’s version exclusives first, but the codes are the same regardless of which version you own.

Enter the code and make sure the Trainer you’re paired with has the version-exclusive Pokemon you need. If they don’t, simply exit the trade and try again.

How to use trade codes in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

A menu for Trade Codes in Pokemon Scarlet and VioletThe Pokemon Company
Trade Codes are just another name for Link Codes.

If you want to trade with other Trainers using a Pokemon Scarlet & Violet trade code, you’ll need to go online and head to the Poke Portal menu.

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Here’s how to trade with other Trainers using a trade code:

  1. Make sure your game is online by opening the menu with X and then pressing L.
  2. Once you’re connected to the internet, head to the Poke Portal menu.
  3. Select Link Trade.
  4. Enter your trade code from the tables above then select ‘Begin Searching’.
  5. Choose the Pokemon you want to trade.
  6. Check that your trade partner has chosen the Pokemon you want before confirming.

These trade codes are all based on the ones suggested by Austin John Plays, which usually end up being the standard for Pokemon games.

It’s worth remembering that Scarlet & Violet are now over six months old, so you might struggle to find partners for certain trades – especially at unusual times.

That’s everything you need to know about trade codes! While you’re here, check out some other Pokemon Scarlet & Violet guides below:

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