Pokemon Home release window confirmed for Scarlet & Violet

pokemon home logoThe Pokemon Company / Game Freak

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet players will soon be able to move their Pokemon from other games to the Paldea region using Pokemon HOME, following a release window announcement during the Pokemon Presents 2023 live stream.

Pokemon HOME is an important tool players need to move companions from game to game. However, upon launch, Pokemon Scarlet & Violet were not compatible with the transfer application. While it was announced the games would be linked sometime in 2023, few details were given during the launch of Gen 9, and fans have been waiting eagerly for info on when it will become available.

Currently, Pokemon Sword, Shield, Go, Let’s Go, Pikachu!, and Let’s Go, Eevee! have all been available to use via HOME. Additionally, the program connects to the Pokemon Bank, allowing players to bring species forward from 3DS games.

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However, players have finally recieved an update about HOME compatibility for Pokemon Scarlet & Violet during the February 27 2023 Pokemon Presents live stream. The special Pokemon Day announcement has offered new information about HOME, and when Gen 9 players can start using it.

Pokemon Home is coming to Scarlet & Violet

According to the live stream on The Official Pokemon YouTube Channel, players can access Pokemon Scarlet & Violet using HOME early in 2023. Currently, there is not an official date given, but it is likely more information regarding the date will be given in the coming weeks.

Additionally, the compatibility update includes details about Roaming Form Gimmighoul in Pokemon Go, following teaser coins in the mobile app back during Scarlet & Violet’s launch. The announcement, predicted by a datamine earlier in February, is an exciting debut of Gen 9 for the game. Hopefully, fans will find all the coins they need to find their new Gimmighoul companion.

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