How to get free Gimmighoul-themed items in Pokemon Go

Pokemon go gimmighoul itemsThe Pokemon Company

For a limited time only, Niantic is giving away free Gimmighoul-themed items to Pokemon Go users; here’s how the campaign works.

The Pokemon Presents broadcast unleashed a treasure trove of news about Pokemon-branded games, including Pokemon Go and Scarlet & Violet.

Better still, fans who enjoy both titles can now connect the AR game to Scarlet & Violet, engendering the account synchronization that many have longed hoped to receive.

Niantic is hosting new campaigns to celebrate the occasion, a couple of which revolve around Gimmighouls. The easiest way to join in on the fun is by paying close attention to the Pokemon Go Twitter account.

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How to access Pokemon Go’s free Gimmighoul-themed items

Now that players can catch Gimmighouls in Pokemon Go, Niantic is giving away a few themed prizes. A special Gimmighoul Hat serves as one such freebie, for example.

To claim the surprise items, users need only to follow Pokemon Go on Twitter and retweet the “What’s in the box?” post with #GOGimmighoul. Those who follow these instructions to the letter can expect to receive a redemption code.

This counts as only one of the Gimmighoul-centric campaigns that Niantic currently has up and running. On top of accessing free Gimmighoul items through Twitter, Pokemon Go players can also grab nine Gimmighoul coins at no extra cost.

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The coins feature in a Gold Box that presently appears in Pokemon Go’s in-game shop for all Trainers to access.

Such a special offer will only be available for a limited period of time, but Niantic has yet to state when exactly the free coins will disappear from the shop. That said, players should take advantage of both campaigns as soon as possible.