Pokemon Scarlet & Violet Mystery Gifts we know about so far

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Pokemon Scarlet & Violet players are again able to claim rare Pokemon, items, and other presents through the Mystery Gift feature using limited time codes. Like with past games, players claiming gifts will need to know a few basics – and pay attention to deadlines – in order to claim any available gifts active for the game.

Mystery Gifts have continued to be a fun and exciting way to get freebies in Pokemon games. As the capabilities of internet connection have improved, Mystery Gift distribution has become more frequent and offers anything from bundles of rare Poké Balls to elusive Legendary and Mythical Pokemon.

While Pokémon Scarlet & Violet haven’t yet released, there are a few tips players will need to know before the November 18 release date. This includes any pre-order perks worth keeping an eye on when deciding how to buy the games.

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Scarlet And Violet Mystery Gift Codes Are Currently In Early Distribution. This list was updated August 17, 2022.

How to claim Mystery Gifts in Scarlet & Violet

The Pokemon Company, Game Freak
Flying-Type Tera Pikachu is ready for powerful battles.

Mystery gifts are obtained in a few key ways. The most common are special codes found at events, on cards distributed by retailers, or through announcements online. The items or Pokemon included in the gifts often reflect an exciting event or anniversary happening for the franchise, including competitive championships, anniversaries, or holidays.

These codes can sometimes be distributed in limited quantities however, and often expire after a certain window of time, so it is important for players to find and claim Mystery Gift codes as soon as possible if they are interested in the featured prizes.

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet Mystery Gift Codes (August 2022)

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Pokemon Scarlet & Violet Female Protagonist is set for adventures.

While there are still a few months left before Pokemon Scarlet & Violet hit the shelves, there already is a confirmed Mystery Gift players can prepare to snag. According to the recent Pokemon Presents livestream shown on The Official Pokemon YouTube Channel, players will be able to snag a unique Pikachu with the move “Fly”.

This Pikachu will posses the Flying Tera Type showcased in the video.

Pre-Order BonusFlying Tera Type Pikachu

This Mystery Gift Pikachu will be rewarded to anyone who pre-orders the games digitally or in hard copy before the release date, and it will be available to claim through February 28, 2023.

Unfortunately, this is the only known Mystery Gift code officially announced so far for Scarlet & Violet. However, it is likely new codes will be announced closer to and just after the release of the game.

Please be sure to revisit this page for regular updates and news on any codes that can be claimed for awesome Pokemon prizes!