Pokemon Go Mega Evolution changes: Bonuses, reduced cost

Dylan Horetski
Pokemon Go Mega Evolution changes

Niantic has announced massive changes to the Mega Evolution system on Pokemon Go in their latest Dev Diaries. Here’s everything we know about them. 

As Pokemon Go has continued to gain massive popularity with fans, Niantic has continued to add new features — revamping them when needed.

The developers introduced Mega Evolutions to Pokemon Go in August 2020 and their implementation almost immediately put a bad taste in the mouths of fans around the world.

Now nearly two years later, they have announced a massive rework of the Mega Evolution process. Here’s everything we know about it.

Mega Evolution update highlights

In the update announcement, Niantic pointed out several key changes to the existing system that many trainers have been asking for since launch.

  • Easier Mega Raids
  • Ability to Mega Evolve your ‘mon from the raid and battle prep screens
  • Added visual effect on the information page when a Pokemon is Mega Evolved
  • Added Mega Levels and how Mega Energy is used

Pokemon Go Mega Evolution Levels

When you Mega Evolve a Pokemon in the game, it enables various bonuses that give the ‘mon an added advantage in raids and battles. Now, every time you Mega Evolve your favorite monster — you will level up those bonuses.

Here are the existing features, as well as new bonuses that will be made available the more you Mega Evolve:

Existing Bonuses

  • Increased Candy when you catch Pokemon that are the same as your Mega
  • Shared attack buff for other trainers in a raid or gym battle, with an even higher buff for those who are using the same attack type

New Bonuses

  • Increased chance of earning Candy XL and increased XP when you catch a Pokemon that’s the same type as your Mega
  • A Pokemon’s rest period decreases as its Mega Level increases
Mega Evolution in Pokemon Go
Pokemon in PoGo can evolve into their mega form by using Mega Energy.

Pokemon Go Mega Evolve cost

What may be considered the biggest change to the system yet, trainers will no longer have to pay Mega Energy every time they evolve their Pokemon into their Mega form.

Just like the existing feature, ‘mon will be fatigued after Mega Evolving and will have a ‘cool down’ before it can be evolved again. However, Trainers will now be able to use Mega Energy to reduce this cooldown time.

These features are available globally, and Pokemon Go has launched an event to celebrate.

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