Best Elite Charged TM in Pokemon Go: Top moves worth upgrading


Elite Charged TMs are rare resources in Pokemon Go that let you decide which Charged Move your strongest fighters can learn. Whenever you unlock one, you’ll want to make sure you choose the best moves to assign to each Pokemon – so here’s everything you need to know.

Whether you’ve unlocked an Elite Charged TM by working your way up the tiers in the latest season of the Pokemon Go Battle League, or you’ve earned one by completing a Research quest, you might be wondering when it’s best to use them.

Considering these TMs are so rare, it can be difficult to know which Pokemon to use them on. This guide will explore the best moves you can learn with Elite Charged TMs and the Pokemon you should be giving them to.

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Pokemon Go Elite Fast TMNiantic / The Pokemon Company
Elite Charged TMs can be used to upgrade your character’s moveset.

Best Charged Moves in Pokemon Go

  • Mewtwo – Psystrike
  • Moltres – Sky Attack
  • Groudon – Fire Punch
  • Ho-Oh – Sacred Fire
  • Registeel – Zap Cannon
  • Venusaur – Frenzy Plant
  • Swampert – Hydro Cannon
  • Charizard – Blast Burn
  • Metagross – Meteor Mash
  • Walrein – Icicle Spear
  • Gengar – Shadow Punch
  • Rhyperior – Rock Wrecker
  • Blaziken – Stone Edge
  • Lickitung – Body Slam

Mewtwo is the clear standout here, so if you don’t have one that knows Psystrike, that should be your priority. When paired with Psychic as a Fast Move, it can be a threat across PvE and the Go Battle League.

It’s also worth considering the rarity of these moves. Some are Community Day-exclusives, which means they could very well appear again, while others like Groudon’s Fire Punch only appeared in special events.

As a side note, many of these unique Moves function best when paired with another Charged Move, so it’s always worth looking into purchasing a secondary attack if you have enough Candy and Stardust.

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Screenshot of Mewtwo promo in Pokemon Go.Niantic
Mewtwo’s Psystrike is the best use of your Elite Charged TM.

What are Elite Charged TMs in Pokemon Go?

While regular Charged TMs will switch up your chosen Pokemon’s Charged Move at random, Elite Charged TMs give you the option to select the specific attack you want, which can save you a lot of time and resources.

The second major benefit of Elite TMs is that you can teach attacks that are no longer available, like Legacy Moves and Community Day-exclusive Moves, which are often the best attacks a ‘mon can learn.

A lot of high-tier Pokemon require a specific Charged Move to reach their full potential in the Go Battle League, and these are often locked away in special events or Community Days, so Elite Charged TMs are essential.

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How to get Elite Charged TMs in Pokemon Go

The main way to get an Elite Charged TM is to reach Rank 19 in the Go Battle League, where they’re offered as a guaranteed reward. You can sometimes find them in Community Day event boxes, too.

You’ve probably realized this by now, but they aren’t exactly common in Pokemon Go. In fact, they’re one of the rarest items, so make sure you use them wisely when you do get them.

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