How to get Mega Energy and Mega Evolve in Pokemon Go

Alex Tsiaoussidis
Pokemon Go Mega Energy

Pokemon Go trainers can perform powerful Mega Evolutions with their team in Pokemon Go, but you need to acquire Mega Energy to do it. Here’s everything you need to know about getting Mega Energy in Pokemon Go.

Mega Evolutions were originally introduced to the Pokemon franchise back in Pokemon X and Y. This type of Evolution is different than a traditional one. Mega Evolved Pokemon can temporarily change their form and improve their stats, all while holding a Mega Stone. Some, in fact, can even change their type.

Niantic didn’t add Mega Evolution to Pokemon Go until August 2020. However, when it was, Niantic used a different approach since Mega Stones don’t exist in Pokemon Go. Instead, trainers need to gather Mega Energy, and there’s a specific one for each Pokemon.

It doesn’t sound easy, but Mega Energy is actually relatively simple to obtain.


How to get Mega Energy in Pokemon Go

The easiest way to get Mega Energy is to complete Mega Raids. They’re similar to regular raids, except trainers are pitted against Mega Evolved Pokemon. Not only do you get the opportunity to catch the Pokemon, but they also reward trainers with Mega Energy.

The faster it’s completed, the more Mega Energy is rewarded.

However, it’s also rewarded for completing specific Research Tasks. For example, if you finish ‘A Mega Discovery,’ you will receive a Mega Energy for Beedrill. There are many other examples, too.

Unfortunately, those are the only two ways to acquire Mega Energy in Pokemon Go. However, the system is still a work in progress, and hopefully, there will be other ways to earn some further down the line.

Until then, you’ll have to complete Mega Raids and Research Tasks to give your Pokemon that extra boost in strength and size.

How to Mega Evolve

Once obtaining Mega Energy, go into the hub where Pokemon are stored and selected one that can Mega Evolve.

For those who have enough Mega Energy, select the ‘Mega Evolve’ box to complete the process.

Pokemon Go Mega Evolutions

Pokemon will stay in this form for eight hours, per Niantic.

It’s important to note that only one Mega Evolved Pokemon can be active at a time. And, Fast and Charged Attacks don’t change upon an evolution of this nature.

What is a Mega Level?

There’s also Mega Levels in Pokemon Go. Simply put, Niantic explains that Mega Levels are a special bonus that can be achieved only active when a Pokemon is Mega Evolved.

These bonuses, per the developer, can include XP catch bonuses for obtaining certain Pokemon of the same type of that Mega.

This doesn’t reset after a Pokemon’s Mega Evolution resets. Mega Level increases each time a Pokemon is evolved like this and the higher the level, the more bonuses.

Be sure to check out the best Mega Evolutions for Pokemon Go.

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