Niantic comment on Pokemon Go Mega Evolution controversy

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After much hype Mega Evolution has been added to the mobile world of Pokemon Go. Its addition didn’t come without some controversy, though.

First seen in Gen 6, Mega Evolution was finally added to Pokemon Go on August 27. Trainers were curious about how Niantic would add such a unique mechanic to the confines on the mobile game.

In terms of Pokemon capable of utilizing Mega Evolution only Venusaur, Charizard, Blastoise and Beedrill were added – at least to begin with. In order to perform Mega Evolution trainers need to accrue Mega Energy which is primarily found in Mega Raids.

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Much like the mainline games and the anime, Pokemon in their Mega form is temporary. The effort and resource required to make these Pokemon Mega Evolve hasn’t been well received by fans of the franchise, though.

The main critique of the new feature is that the temporary nature of it is just that, too temporary. That, and Mega Energy is too difficult to earn. Understandably, this has led trainers to question whether it is worth the effort at all.

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Niantic respond, listening to trainer feedback

Niantic took it upon themselves to respond to the criticism via their support account on Reddit. They started by sharing those criticisms, making it crystal clear they understand trainer’s concerns:

  • The first Mega Evolution takes a large amount of energy

  • The time limit to Mega Evolution does not feel worth the resources used to collect the Mega Energy required

  • You’d like other ways to gain Mega Energy

  • The feature feels that you have to pay to Mega Evolve your Pokemon.

Mega Evolution is still in its very early stages which means it may be some time before changes are implemented. However, there are changes planned. ” We do have some changes in the pipeline already, but again we don’t have a set schedule just yet,” NianticIndigo commented.

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The Pokemon Go developers have been known to actively listen to fan feedback and it looks like this occasion is no exception. Trainers have been ardent when sharing their concerns so it will be interesting to see if Niantic act sooner than expected.

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