Pokemon Go is Mega evolving players in terrifying glitch

Scott Baird
Pokemon Go is mega evolving players in terrifying glitch

Pokemon Go players are accidentally undergoing their own Dynamax transformations thanks to a new technical issue that makes the avatars become giants.

Pokemon Go has a long history of visual glitches, which have only become worse in recent times, thanks in part to the highly unpopular changes to player avatars. This overhaul caused all kinds of clipping issues, with clothing and hair not sitting in their proper positions.

The most recent Pokemon Go bug is one that wouldn’t look amiss in Attack on Titan. As reported by a user on the Pokemon Go Reddit, their character avatar underwent an unplanned Mega Evolution, as it exploded in size and towered over the landscape.

One person asked, “Serious question: were you able to MOVE AT ALL and what did it look like if so? I would love to see something like this, but I’d be lucky to get a Shadow Character!”

Then the author responded, “Nope. I could turn manually but couldn’t click anything and my avatar was frozen in place. Would have been hilarious if it moved though.”

Naturally, fans couldn’t help but let their imaginations run wild. “Those Pokemon down there are seeing things that will haunt their generations to come,” one user wrote, while another said one of many variations of “Step on me, queen.”

While some comments referred to the rumored addition of Dynamax and Gigantamax mechanics to Pokemon Go, this glitch likely has no connection. Chances are, it’s just another of the many problems that crop up with the game’s visuals from time to time.

On the one hand, bugs like this are frustrating, but on the other, at least you can’t see how bad the avatars look now. If it’s all pants and shoes, then the fanbase can’t complain about the lack of hips or the dead-eyed faces of their characters.