How to get Pinap Berries in Pokemon Go

Lauren Bergin
Pokemon Go Pinap Berries

Looking to snag some Pinap Berries in Pokemon Go before the next Community Day? Here’s our guide on the tasty little treat, including how to get them, what they do and what Silver Pinap Berries are. 

If there’s one thing Pokemon Go fans love, it’s a good Community Day. These see trainers all around the globe come together to snag a specific Pokemon.

Gible will be the next ‘Mon to have a day dedicated to it, but this has already causes tempers to flare within Niantic’s fanbase as many believe the Pokemon and its popular evolutions will be deemed less rare as a result of the event.

Either way, though, it’s worth stocking up on all the necessary supplies before the Community Day kicks off. Pinap Berries are one of these essentials: but what are they and where do you get them?

Pokemon Go Pinap Berries
Pinap Berries are perfect for Community Days.

What are Pinap Berries?

These little pineapple inspired treats are the best suited berry to Community Days. When you give a Pokemon a Pinap Berry, you’ll be rewarded with twice the Pokemon Candy if you catch it.

This is even more effective on mid-stage and final-stage evolution Pokemon, as these will drop five and 10 Candies respectively.

Remember, though, that you’ll have to be level 18 to start getting them, so make sure you’re ready to grind get the most out of the Community Day.

How to get Pinap Berries in Pokemon Go

Getting Pinap Berries isn’t the hardest task in the world, but there’s a little bit of luck involved. Here’s the main ways to grab a bunch of berries:

  • Leveling Up – You will get Pinap Berries as you hit levels 21, 25, 29, 33, 37 and 49.
  • Gyms & Pokestops – Although it’s a bit of a roulette system, Gyms and Pokestops do drop Pinap Berries in their item pool. Make sure you spin a load of them!
  • Limited Time Boxes – While you can’t actively purchase Pinap Berries in the Pokemon Go store, you can purchase the mystery boxes. These do have a chance of dropping some, but just like with gyms and Pokestops you’re at the mercy of the game’s matrix.
  • Research Tasks – Although they’re not always the easiest to complete, Research Tasks do offer Pinap Berries as a rewards for completing them.
  • Opening Gifts – One of the best things about Pokemon Go are gifts from friends! The items inside are totally randomized, so offer yet another chance to score some berries.

What are silver Pinap Berries?

Pokemon Go Silver Pinap Berry

Silver Pinap Berries are just what they say on the tin – Pinap Berries but dyed silver instead of their usual yellow. These are far rarer, but offer more candy per catch.

These elusive little treats improve a Pokemon’s catch chances by 1.8x, alongside multiplying the amount of candy received from the catch by 2.3x.

For those of you who aren’t into doing the maths, we’ve got the conversions here for you:

  • Base Pokemon: 3 Candies – 7 Candies
  • Mid-evolution stage: 5 Candies – 11 Candies
  • Fully-evolved/Rare: 10 Candies – 23 Candies

How to get silver Pinap Berries in Pokemon Go

As you can imagine, it’s a lot tougher to get these berries than it is to get their normal variant. Here’s all the ways you can obtain silver Pinap Berries:

  • Levelling up -As soon as you start levelling through the 40s, you’ll get 20 berries for hitting Level 43, followed by 15 for getting to Level 48.
  • Research Tasks – Just as with the normal berries, you can get the silver ones via Research Tasks, but usually during special events.
  • Pokemon GO Mega Raid Battles – Raid Bosses aren’t just great for getting Mega Energy because they drop silver Pinap Berries and golden Razz Berries too!
  • Pokemon GO Battle League – Silver Pinaps can be a reward for both basic and premium players in the in the League after their second win, but remember that their drops are randomized!

So that’s everything you need to know about Pokemon Go’s tastiest little treat! If you fancy reading some more Pokemon Go content while chowing down on some Pinap Berries, make sure you check out our dedicated Pokemon Go hub!

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