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Pokemon Go Mega Evolution finally announced – All the details

Published: 25/Aug/2020 20:52 Updated: 27/Aug/2020 23:09

by Paul Cot


Mega Evolution has arrived in Pokemon Go and we now, finally, know the long awaited details.

Trainers have been expecting some form of announcement for a while now, and Niantic have finally delivered. They initially took to Twitter via the official Pokemon Go account to say: “Trainers, we have huge news coming your way… Or should we say MEGA news?” We see what you did there admin, well played.


What is Mega Evolution?

A quick recap for those of you who don’t know, Mega Evolution was first introduced in Pokemon X and Y. It is an additional evolution that is only temporary.

Only certain Pokemon can use the Mega Evolution mechanic, though. There are a lot but some of the more notable ones include Venusaur, Charizard, Blastoise, Mewtwo and Tyranitar.


It is triggered when a capable Pokemon is holding the Mega Stone for their particular species. It can only be used in battle, and for one Pokemon in your team. After the battle mega evolved ‘mon returns to their normal form. Note: this is what happens in the main series.

Mega Venusaur, Blastoise and Charizard

The Pokeminers, who are Pokemon Go dataminers, revealed details ahead of the official announcement have been working hard to dig up potential details ahead of time.

There are specific Raid Battles which give you Mega Energy. These can be used on the four Pokemon capable of Mega Evolution: Venusaur, Charizard, Blastoise and Beedrill.


Pidgeot was also found in the code but has yet to be activated. There will be surely plenty more to come, too.
.Mega Evolutions Pokemon Go

Assets involving Mega Evolutions pushed to Pokemon Go…

Mega Energy

Pokemon that are capable of doing so, will mega evolve with something called Mega Energy. This is obtained in Mega Raids which was alluded to above.


Interestingly, unlike the main series, it looks like the Mega Evolution will be of a less temporary nature whereby it will return to its normal form when its Mega Energy depletes.

While trainers can only have one at any time, they will remain in that state until you mega evolve another. The first time you put it in its Mega Form will cost 205 (or 105 for Beedrill) and then 105 and 55 thereafter.


They can only battle when attacking gyms, Raid Battles and in Trainer Battles. That means they cannot defend Gyms or compete in GO Battle League – although this is expected to be changed soon.

Reportedly, Mega Evolutions only last four hours once activated. So, you’d be wise to make the most of them during that period!


Pokemon Go November Community Day rumors: Who will headline?

Published: 7/Oct/2020 14:59

by Paul Cot


The Pokemon Go November Community Day is still a good month away, but that hasn’t stopped trainers speculating as to what the headliner could be.

November is of course the penultimate Pokemon Go Community Day of the year. It is also the last one in which Pokemon fans will try to predict the headliner.


That is because the December CD is traditionally a mega Community Day of sorts. It brings the previous headliners from that year and makes them all available in one event.

Presumably, it will be the same for 2020. It is a day in which Pokemon Go trainers of all levels do their best to make sure they don’t miss out on!


Before we get there though, we still need to find out what the 10th headliner of 2020 will be. That isn’t a typo, as there will only be 11 in total this year because March’s CD was canceled due to the global health crisis – you may have heard about it.

No vote for November?

Niantic have made it a habit of letting us decide which Pokemon headline Community Days in 2020. In fact, 5 of the 10 from 2020 have been decided via vote.

The latest two votes however, have decided the following two Community Days. With October already in place with Charmander, there is only November to decide.


While that doesn’t rule out another vote entirely, it would seemingly make it less likely November’s would be decided by one.


So, if it isn’t to be decided by us, who are the contenders. The one that first comes to mind is Snivy.

Ever since Piplup headlined in January, we haven’t had another starter, at least a new one. At the time it was expected Snivy would be the featured ‘mon for March, which would have been in line with Niantic’s pattern of alternating between starter and non-starters.


Snivy may have been delayed because the Pokemon Go developers realized they were running out of starter ‘mons to use. Of the released Pokemon in the mobile game, it is only the Gen 5 starters that haven’t headlined, although Gen 6’s introduction is expected soon. So, 10 months on from the last one, it could be time for the Unova grass-type starter.

Snivy Pokemon Go
Snivy would seemingly be the leading contender for the November CD…

Deino or Gible?

Deino and Gible are two of the more popular Pokemon in the entire franchise and have been rumored as headliners. Unfortunately, that is why either of them making an appearance may be wishful thinking.


Both are super rare spawns and putting them as a featured Pokemon for a Community Day would certainly take away from their current allure. Besides, Niantic likely knows they can rely on them to boost other events, even if they do remain rare spawn rates.

Hopefully, they will headline a Community Day at some point in the future but 2020 seems unlikely at best.

Other contenders

The other most likely candidates for November are Exeggcute and Starly. Both were previously revealed to be included in another vote which never materialized.

Bulbasaur and Magikarp were also in there but the latter has already headlined in 2020, and Bulbasaur seems an unlikely option outside of a vote.

The Pokemon Go CD will likely take place in the second half of November. The 22nd seems the most likely day as this would keep distance between the previous one and adhere to alternating Saturday and Sundays.