Dynamax coming to Pokemon Go but players are worried about “Kaiju” balancing

Em Stonham
Marnie Dynamax band and Dusk Ball from Pokemon anime.

The introduction of a new feature is a guaranteed way to get Pokemon fans hyped. Just look at the current excitement about Mega Evolutions in the Pokemon Legends Z-A community – the mechanic isn’t even here yet and fans are ecstatic.

Pokemon Go players are in a similar position thanks to Dynamaxing being teased in an official Pokemon Go X post.

Rumors about the gigantic mechanic have been swirling round the community for a good while now, and the Dynamax Wartortle seen in the art below has the majority of players over the moon.

While players are getting hyped about Dynamaxing being available in Pokemon Go, there are some who are concerned about how it might be implemented. Fans tore into the topic in an online debate, looking at which elements could be potential issues.

The person behind the initial post asked fellow community members to chip in with their ideas on how Dynamaxing could benefit Pokemon Go.

One player shared, “The truth is, we don’t know … Dynamaxing Pokemon gives them this Kaiju state, it increases just their HP stat and gives them access to Dynamax Moves, Gmax does the same thing,” before noting that PvE content would likely be the best place for Dynamax ‘mons.

Another chimed in, “Yeah, it’s an interesting conundrum. Dynamax/Gigantamax don’t really change a Pokemon’s stats like Mega Evolution does. All it does is double their HP. So I guess you could make a raid attacker extra tanky?”

Speaking of Mega Evolution, many players shared their concerns that Dynamaxing could feel like a weak alternative. One viewer noted, ” … Max forms were introduced as a more limited version of Mega. So why not carry that over? What if Maxing provided a larger self boost, but had to be triggered in battle, and expired after being fielded?”

Dynamax Dragonite from Pokemon anime.
Dynamax Dragonite from the Pokemon anime.

Some viewers were not optimistic about the arrival of Dynamaxing in Pokemon Go. In answer to the question of what Dynamaxing would bring to the game, one fan lamented, “Confusion, bugs, misinformation, and aggravation. Not necessarily in that order.”

Others simply took the opportunity to share their favorite Dynamaxed ‘mons. One fan eagerly shared, “
Time for Dynamax Blissey” and another joked, “A Dynamax hat for Pikachu, obviously.”

While some may bash mechanics like Dynamaxing as gimmicks, it’s clear that many players feel excited about getting new features to experiment with.

That being said, it’s important to note that nothing official – other than the artwork in the linked X post – has been confirmed about the mechanic yet.

When we know more about this story, we’ll be sure to update so check back for further information shortly. For now, make sure to check out our guides to ongoing Raids and events in Pokemon Go to help you stay on top of your game.