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How to catch Ditto in Pokemon Go: Ditto disguises for May 2021

Published: 3/May/2021 12:12

by Brent Koepp


Perhaps one of the hardest Pokemon to find in Go, Ditto remains as elusive as ever for many Trainers. Here are the Gen 1 shapeshifter’s current disguises as of May 2021 and how to catch it. 

Despite its introduction into Go in 2016, Ditto is still one of the trickiest Pokemon to find. Trainers looking to complete certain Research objectives may find themselves at a loss at where to find the adorable amorphous blob.

That’s because the ‘mon disguises itself as different characters, and the roster of who it can transform into changes as time goes on. Below we will go over latest way to catch the purple Gen 1 monster in May. 


Screenshot of Shiny Ditto in Pokemon Go
Niantic / The Pokemon Company
The popular Gen I ‘mon is pretty hard to find in Pokemon Go.

How to find Ditto in Pokemon Go

Before we jump into it, it should be said upfront that catching Ditto in Go is a mixture of patience and luck. Similar to the RPGs, the lovable ‘mon shapeshifts and disguises itself like different Pokemon. 

So players looking for the adorable creature will have to catch a handful of various characters across the map and hope it turns into the purple blob. 

As if that wasn’t challenging enough, Niantic also rotates out the selection of Pokemon it can change into while retiring past ‘mon once they get a Shiny version.

Screenshot of catching Ditto in Pokemon Go.
Niantic / The Pokemon Company
Trainers trying to get Ditto need to catch it while it’s disguised as another ‘mon.

Ditto disguises in Pokemon Go (May 2021)

In April, Niantic retired Paras from Ditto’s roster, and the Kanto bug was replaced by Gen V Dark-type, Purrloin. The new disguise made its debut appropriately during the Tricky Pokemon event for April Fools’ Day. Trainers looking for the pink critter should keep an eye out for the equally mischievous purple cat while exploring.


Should this list change, we’ll update it.

Hoothoot Hoothoot Pokemon Go Dex
Spinarak Spinarak Pokemon Go Dex
Hoppip Hoppip Pokemon Go Dex
Remoraid Remoraid Pokemon Go Dex
Whismur Whismur Pokemon Go Dex
Gulpin Gulpin Pokemon Go Dex
Numel Numel Pokemon Go Dex
Bidoof Bidoof Pokemon Go Dex
Foongus Foongus Pokemon Go Dex
Purrloin Purrloin Pokemon Go Dex

Ditto Pokemon Go catching tips

The most obvious step is to click and catch every Pokemon listed in the chart above that you see in the overworld. However, there are a couple of other steps you can take to increase your chances of running into Ditto.

1. Incense

Use the item to increase spawn rates. Travel around and catch every monster on the list. We recommend waiting for a special event that increases Incense from 60 minutes to three hours to get the maximum effect.

2. Nearby tracker

Even if you are only casually looking at the overworld while at home, use the Nearby feature which lists Pokemon that are close to you. If any of the ‘mon appear, click them and it will show you on the map where they are located. Go there immediately and catch them – it might just be Ditto!


3. Go to PokeStops

Once there, throw down a Lure. Just like the above, look for any of the monsters on the list and catch every single one of them.

4. Use groups and friends

Join a local Pokemon Go group on Facebook or Reddit. Players will often share when a Ditto has been spotted, and other Trainers can go to that location for a limited time and find him. If you have friends, it will help increase your chances.

Screenshot of the Nearby feature in Pokemon Go.
Niantic / The Pokemon Company
Use the nearby feature to find Pokemon who Ditto disguises itself as.

Shiny Ditto finally debuted in the mobile game during the Kanto Tour celebration in February, and was tied to Special Research. It is unclear how Go will handle the rare variant going forward and if it’ll ever show up in the wild like other Shiny Pokemon.


Niantic has promised that the beloved shape-shifting creature will continue to get new disguises rotated into the game each month. Players will have to tune in to see which ‘mon it imitates next.