How to get False Swipe TM in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

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False Swipe is an incredibly useful TM in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet, as it lets trainers damage Pokemon without completely knocking them out, but you have to find it first. Here’s how to get the False Swipe TM in Generation 9 and how to craft it using materials.

If you’re struggling to catch Pokemon out in the wild because you’re constantly knocking them out or your team is over-leveled, then the handy False Swipe TM might just be your new best friend.

This move lets you attack a wild Pokemon with the guarantee that they’ll always be left with at least 1 HP, making it much easier to catch rare or Shiny Pokemon without the fear of defeating them by accident.

If you’re wondering how to get the False Swipe TM in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet, you’ll find all the information below.

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How to get False Swipe in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

In order to get the False Swipe TM, you’ll need to head to Naranja or Uva Academy. Once you’re there, speak to Professor Jacq in the Biology Lab. He will ask you to register 30 Pokemon in your Pokedex.

A character getting the False Swipe TM in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

Return to Professor Jacq once you’ve completed this task and speak to him once again. He will check your Pokedex and hand over TM057, which can be used to teach Pokemon the move False Swipe!

How to craft the False Swipe TM in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

Once you’ve unlocked the False Swipe TM, you’ll be able to craft more. This is done by combining the following material at any Pokemon Center:

  • 3x Chewtle Claws
  • 3x Kricketot Shells
  • 400 LP

To gather materials, trainers need to catch or defeat wild Pokemon. And in order to find Chewtle Claws, trainers can look for wild Chewtle in South Province (Area Two), Tagtree Thicket, and West Province (Area Three).

To get Kricketot Shells, trainers need to look in olive fields outside of Cortondo in South Province (Area Two).

Finally, LP is accumulated by defeating wild Tera Pokemon, battling in Tera Raids, or trading materials at TM Machines.

Best Pokemon to teach False Swipe to in Scarlet & Violet

One of the best Pokemon to teach False Swipe to is Gallade, as it can also learn the move Hypnosis. A combination of low health and the sleep status effect makes a wild Pokemon much easier to catch.

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If you’re unsure how to get a Gallade, you’ll need to catch a male Ralts first (these can be found near the start of the game). Then evolve it into Kirlia and expose that Kirlia to a Dawn Stone before it reaches Level 30.

Another top Pokemon that actually learns False Swipe naturally by leveling up is Scyther (or Scizor). Find one with the Technician ability and it will boost the damage dealt by False Swipe by 50%.

Our final recommendation is Breloom as it has the move Spore that puts opponents to sleep. Unlike Gallade’s Hypnosis, this move has a 100% accuracy rate which makes it a little more reliable.

Ultimately, the best Pokemon to teach False Swipe to are the ones that can also put opponents to sleep or paralyze them. It’s a good idea to train them to a high level so they can reduce an opponent’s HP quickly.

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