Can you catch Celebi in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl?

Meg Bethany Koepp
celebi in pokemon brilliant diamond shining pearl

The Gen II Mythical is in the National Pokedex, but can you catch it in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Pearl? Here’s everything you need to know about Celebi in BDSP.

First introduced in Gold and Silver on the Game Boy Color in 1999, the Psychic/Grass-type is one of the most popular Legendary Pokemon of all time. It holds a lot of nostalgia for long-time fans of the series.

But can you add Celebi to your team in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl?

celebi in pokemon bdsp
Some hackers have Celebi in their games.

Is Celebi in Pokemon BDSP?

To put it bluntly, no, Celebi is not in Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl at the time of writing. There are many Legendary and Mythical Pokemon in BDSP, but unfortunately, Celebi is not one of them currently.

Once Pokemon Home releases in 2022, that will change, allowing for connectivity with Sword & Shield and other games in the franchise. So if you have one there, you can move it over once the service is live.

The only other way is to get it via trading. Some players with a hacked Nintendo Switch console have edited their save files to add Celebi into their games so if you get lucky and they trade, you’ll be able to own it.

Pokemon Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl Pokemon Home
No date has been set yet for BDSP Home connectivity, but it will be in 2022.

There’s currently no confirmation as to whether Celebi will be coming to BDSP in a future Mystery Gift event or not, unlike Darkrai and Shaymin.

For now, you’ll either have to hope you get lucky in a trade or wait for Home integration to come sometime in 2022.

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