How to get Shiny Ditto in Pokemon Go

Screenshot of Shiny Ditto from Pokemon anime next to Pokemon Go logo.The Pokemon Company / Niantic

Shiny Ditto is one of the most desirable (and difficult to find) creatures in Pokemon Go, but there are actually a few different ways that you can increase your chances of catching one.

Despite making its debut in Pokemon Go back in November 2016, the ever-elusive Gen 1 ‘mon Ditto only received its Shiny form in February 2021 during the Kanto Tour event, where it was locked behind a ticketed Special Research story.

As of September 2021, though, there are even more methods to get your hands on Ditto, and for the first time ever it won’t be locked behind paid Special Research. Below, we’ll go over all the ways Trainers can finally get their hands on a Shiny Ditto.

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How to get Shiny Ditto in Pokemon Go

Screenshot of Shiny Ditto in Pokemon Lets Go Pikachu.The Pokemon Company
Pokemon Go players have a few ways they can find a Shiny Ditto.

Ditto is one of the trickiest monsters to catch in Pokemon Go, as the adorable pink blob can disguise itself as an ever-changing roster of other creatures, so getting a Shiny version is even harder than normal.

Fortunately, there are now three different ways to encounter a Shiny Ditto in Pokemon Go:

  • Completing the Pokemon Go Tour: Kanto Special Research story.
  • Earning a Research Breakthrough in September 2021.
  • Getting lucky and encountering a Shiny Ditto in the wild.

Below, we’ll explain all three of these methods in detail, so hopefully, you’ll be catching a Shiny Ditto in no time!

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1. Finding a Shiny Ditto in the wild

Pokemon Go Shiny DittoNiantic / The Pokemon Company
Trainers can now encounter a Shiny Ditto in the wild.

One of the biggest changes in the Season of Mischief, which kicked off at the start of September 2021, is that Shiny Ditto will no longer be exclusive to the ticketed Pokemon Go Tour: Kanto Special Research.

This means all Trainers now have the chance to catch a Shiny Ditto in the wild. Doing this won’t be easy, though, as Ditto takes on various disguises on the overworld. Check out our Ditto guide for the latest tips.

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It’s worth pointing out that this is the least likely way you’ll find a Shiny Ditto, though, and the following two methods will give you a greater chance of encountering one.

2. Shiny Ditto via Research Breakthrough (September 2021)

shiny ditto research breakthroughNiantic
September’s Research Breakthrough is Ditto!

The latest way to catch a Shiny Ditto is by earning a Research Breakthrough in September 2021. To do this, Trainers must complete a Field Research task and claim the subsequent reward for seven consecutive days.

Once you’ve done this, you’ll earn a guaranteed encounter with a Ditto, and Niantic have confirmed that it could be Shiny. Of course, this isn’t guaranteed, but it’s the best chance you have to find one right now.

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You can find more information about Pokemon Go’s September Research Breakthrough here.

3. Shiny Ditto via Pokemon Go Tour: Kanto Special Research

Screenshot of Pokemon Go Kanto Tour.Niantic / The Pokemon Company
Trainers had a chance to encounter Shiny Ditto in the Kanto Tour event.

Beginning on February 20, 2021, Trainers who purchased a ticket for the Pokemon Go Tour: Kanto event were able to complete a Special Research story that guaranteed an encounter with Shiny Ditto.

There’s no way to access this Special Research anymore if you didn’t already purchase a ticket for the Kanto event, but if you do have access to the Special Research, you can find all of the tasks and rewards below.

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Step 1

  • Claim Reward (Poke Ball x 10)
  • Claim Reward (Razz Berry x 3)
  • Claim Reward (Potion x 3)

Total Rewards: 150 XP, Incense x 3, Charmander/Bulbasaur Encounter

Step 2

  • Use an Incense (Poke Ball x 50)
  • Catch 30 Pokemon ( Tangela Encounter)
  • Take a snapshot of Charmander/Bulbasaur (Poffin x 1)

Total Rewards: Poke Ball x 50, Chansey Encounter, Charmander/Bulbasaur Candy x 25

Step 3

  • Earn 3 hearts with your buddy (Stardust x 300)
  • Catch 30 Pokemon (500 XP)
  • Evolve a Charmander/Bulbasaur (Charmander/Bulbasaur Candy x 25)

Total Rewards: Incense x 2, Cubone Encounter, Ultra Ball x 25

Step 4

  • Use an Incense (Egg Incubator x 1)
  • Send 3 Gifts to friends (Pinap Berry x 5)
  • Trade 3 Pokemon (Red or Green) with a friend (Charmander/Bulbasaur Candy x 25)

Total Rewards: Stardust x 500, Lickitung Encounter, Cubone Candy x 25

Step 5

  • Make 3 Nice Throws in a row (Aerodactyl Encounter)
  • Catch 10 different species of Pokémon (Star Piece x 1)
  • Use 20 Berries to help Catch Pokemon (Red or Green) (Charmander/Bulbasaur Candy x 25)

Total Rewards: Premium Battle Pass x 1, Snorlax Encounter, Cubone Candy x 25

Step 6

  • Power up Pokemon 5 times (Red or Green) (Charmander/Bulbasaur Candy x 25)
  • Battle in 3 Raids (Mewtwo Candy x 20)
  • Evolve 1 Pokemon (Tour Cap x 1)

Total Rewards: Fast TM x 1, Lapras Encounter, Charged TM x 1

Step 7

  • Catch 30 Pokemon (3000 XP)
  • Catch 15 different species of Pokemon (Rare Candy x 3)
  • Transfer 20 Pokemon (3000 XP)

Total Rewards: Lure Module x 1, Shiny Ditto Encounter, Lucky Egg x 1

Step 8

  • Claim Reward (3000 XP)
  • Claim Reward (Stardust x 3000)
  • Claim Reward (3000 XP)

Total Rewards: Ditto Candy x 20, Mew Candy x 20, Ditto Sticker x 10

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Ditto being added as a Shiny didn’t come as too much of a surprise, as Niantic’s Kanto Tour blog post back in December 2020 revealed that all 150 Gen 1 Pokemon would soon be getting the rare form.

Now that there are even more ways to get a Shiny Ditto, it’s time to get hunting, Trainers!

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