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Where to catch Spiritomb in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl

Published: 18/Nov/2021 0:05 Updated: 18/Nov/2021 0:07

by Brent Koepp


The Ghost-type is one of the trickiest ‘mon to catch in the Sinnoh remakes. Here is how to get Spiritomb in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl.

Pokemon Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl is a modern reimagining of the classic 2006 DS titles. Despite being a largely faithful adaptation, Studio ILCA has made some new changes to the Sinnoh region.

One of those is the notoriously difficult-to-catch Ghost-type, Spiritomb. This guide will break down how to unlock the Pokemon including a new optional way that will make it easier for some players.




Pokemon Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl Spiritomb pokedex profile image
ILCA / The Pokemon Company
The secret Ghost-type makes it return in BDSP.

Where to find Spiritomb in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl

In the original Diamond & Pearl, Spiritomb was tied to a social mechanic involving the Sinnoh Underground. In BDSP, that gimmick returns once again but Studio ILCA has given it a slight twist 


Trainers will be able to catch Spiritomb for the first time after defeating Gym 2 and visiting Hearthome City. Beware, however, as it will take some digging and patience before you can trigger the encounter.

Pokemon Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl Spiritomb map location
ILCA / The Pokemon Company
Spiritomb is found on Route 209.
  1. Trainers must first unlock the Grand Underground in Eterna City. After this, find the Odd Keystone by digging in the walls.
  2. After you get the Odd Keystone, return to Hearthome City and take the east exit to Route 209. As you head up to Solaceon Town, you will see a crumbled structure called the Hallow Tower. Walk up and interact with it.
  3. Trainers will then get a prompt to use the Odd Keystone. Select yes.
  4. Now you must go to the Grand Underground and talk to 32 other players using the online function.
  5.  In a new change to the feature, ILCA has made it so you can also talk to 32 unique NPCs (excluding the Hikers). 
  6. After talking to either 32 online players or 32 NPCs, return to the the Hallow Tower.
  7. If you have talked to enough people, the tower will yell “Yulaaah!” and the encounter with Spiritomb will trigger.
Pokemon Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl Hollow Tower screenshot
ILCA / The Pokemon Company
Spiritomb is in the Hollow Tower.

How to find Odd Keystone in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl

If you make it to Hearthome City and still haven’t found the Odd Keystone through exploration, you will need to return to the Grand Underground. Players should head to either Twinleaf Town or Route 208 and use the Explorer Kit.

While walking around the caverns, you will see yellow sparkles on the map. Walk up to the wall where each one is located and interact with it to trigger a digging mini-game. Getting the Odd Keystone is completely random so you will need to keep digging walls until you happen to get it.


If you run out of walls to dig, enter a Hideaway and exit it to respawn new locations to dig into. Keep repeating this until you find the cursed object.

Pokemon Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl Grand Underground Digging screenshot
ILCA / The Pokemon Company
Trainers can find the Odd Keystone while digging in the Grand Underground.

How to find 32 players for Spiritomb

Unlike the original games, Studio ILCA has made getting Spiritomb a tad bit easier by including special NPCs in the Grand Underground. Talking to these characters will also count towards your 32 player count.

This is incredibly useful for those that don’t have an online connection. In order to find as many of these possible, players should travel to each major city or route and go into the underground from each spot. You can also spawn new NPCs by entering and leaving a hideaway.


For the quickest way possible though, it still easier to just connect to the online mode and run around until you find 32 players. Given that NPCs now count though, reaching that 32 total is quicker than ever.

Pokemon Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl talking to Grand Underground NPC
ILCA / The Pokemon Company
Players can talk to NPCs to get Spiritomb.

Spiritomb is without a doubt one of the hardest Pokemon to obtain in the Sinnoh region. Even if you are able to talk to 32 players quickly with the online mode, you have to still get the Odd Keystone.

The payoff is totally worth it as the Ghost-type is easily has one of the most unique designs. Its powerful moveset also makes it a great counter against the Sinnoh Champion, who also uses the cryptic ‘mon.


And that’s it! Now you have Spiritomb on your team. For more of our Pokemon Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl coverage, check out our other walkthroughs & guides:

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