Lost Ark 2023 content roadmap revealed: Anniversary, events & updates

Lost Ark Witcher cross-over eventcd projekt red / Smilegate / Tripod Studio / Amazon Games

Lost Ark’s first anniversary is almost upon us and the popular RPG is gearing up for its second year. Here’s everything that’s been announced for Lost Ark in 2023 so far.

Lost Ark is set to end 2022 with a bang with its festive Wreck the Halls update celebrating the Heroes of Arkesia. This update added a selection of new content in Arkesia with the Summoner Advanced Class, Brelshaza Legion Raid, and other holiday events – however, there’s more fun coming our way in 2023.

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Below we’ll detail a content roadmap featuring everything planned for Lost Ark in the first half of 2023. This includes lots of new content such as the Anniversary event, cosmetics, balance changes, bug fixes, and more included in the major monthly updates.


Lost ark witchercd projekt red / Smilegate / Tripod Studio / Amazon Games
The Witcher crossover will be the first event in 2023.


Here’s everything coming to Lost Ark in January 2023:

Witcher crossover event

Lost Ark kicks off 2023 with a crossover event with The Witcher which will see Geralt and the gang cross the multiverse for an adventure in the world of Arkesia.

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The Witcher collaboration will launch on Wednesday, January 18, and will run through to Wednesday, February 22, 2023.

In this limited-time event, players will work with Geralt, Ciri, Dandelion, Yennefer and Triss to uncover the mystery of the mystifying, interdimensional vortex disrupting the festivities of White Wolf Haven Island.

For a full breakdown of that event, check out our dedicated guide.

Quality-of-life updates

A quality-of-life update with improvements to guild systems, guild PvP, Una’s Tasks, and more, will accompany the Lost Ark x Witcher event.

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Here’s everything coming to Lost Ark in February 2023:

One-year anniversary celebrations

On February 8, 2023, a new update will be added to the game to celebrate the one-year anniversary of Lost Ark launching in the West. The update will add some valuable rewards such as new Twitch Drops. new in-game events, valuable rewards, and more. In one new anniversary event, players will now be able to hunt down birthday cards, which have been scattered all around Arkesia. These will allow players to earn in-game rewards such as new skins, honing materials, card packs, and more.

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The update will also introduce the new Rowen continent, where players will encounter two competing factions: Preigelli and Liebertane. These factions are battling over Sylmael which are special crimson jewels that are a precious resource in Arkesia. At the end of the Rowen world quests, players can choose a faction for open-world PvP, but that battle won’t play out until March when the Tulubik Battlefield releases – the next update for Lost Ark.

Check out some of the mind-blowing stats from Lost Ark’s first year in the west below:

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lost ark first year statsAmazon Games
Lost Ark has had an impressive first year.

Rowen Continent

After a prosperous ancient civilization disappeared, Rowen was forgotten from Arkesia’s history. However, when rumors about the abundant crimson jewels covering the land spread, factions coveting the jewels have begun mustering their forces in Rowen.

To enter this new location you’ll need to be Item Level 1445 and players will need to choose a faction to join before they can engage in some open-world PvP action and partake in the war over Rowen. Ranks for the Factions are divided into 15 tiers and can be earned by participating in activities to get Faction XP, such as killing the opposing faction’s members and participating in daily, weekly, and co-op quests.

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Here’s everything coming to Lost Ark in March 2023:

Tulubik Battlefield

A new type of PvP activity arrives in March with 96-player (48 v 48) RvR battling it out in the new Tulubik Battlefield. With bases to capture, special secondary objectives, not to mention dozens of players to fight on the other team, there’s no shortage of action in the Tulubik Battleground. Matches are held at specified times during the week. There are two types of matches that can occur:

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  • Regular Match: consists of 48 players on each side.
  • Friend Match: Held when there are more than 40 players waiting after the Regular Match’s opening time has ended.
  • Faction Rank 5 and Item Level 1490 is required to participate in the Tulubik Battlefield, and Faction XP can be earned by all those who answer their faction’s call to action.

General updates

The next major batch of quality-of-life updates will arrive in March along with balance changes, new events, and the third Arkpass! We’ll have a lot more specifics on what players can expect closer to the update, so make sure you stay tuned.

Reaper Lost ArkTripod Studio / Smilegate
The Reaper class will really get to shine in Lost Ark 2023.


Here’s everything coming to Lost Ark in April 2023:

Artist Advanced Class

The Artist class will be capable of tactical versatility with illusion powers from her brush and specializes in supporting her team. With her magical brush and flowing ink, the Artist can either choose to attack foes directly or summon holy beasts by painting them. While the Artist’s attack power is on the low side, she is capable of providing strong support to allies and rescuing them from peril with her illusion powers— making her a welcome member of any party.

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The Artist’s Class Identity is Moonfall & Sunrise. The Artist can fill the Harmony Meter by landing skills on foes, and when the Meter is full, she can create up to 3 Harmony Orbs. Harmony Orbs can be used to cast Moonfall and Sunrise. Moonfall can strengthen multiple party members immediately with the power of Stroke, and Sunrise, with the power of Paint, can create a Sun Marble which refills a single party member’s HP.

The Artist is the beginning of an entirely new class category: Specialists, who will have more than one appearance in 2023.

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lost ark gunner and martial artist in noble banquet skins play with small dragon petSmilegate RPG
Lost Ark has had a very successful first year.

Brelshaza Hard Mode

The Phantom Legion Commander will return in a more challenging version of the 8-player Legion Raid in March 2023.

Hard Mode will increase the difficulty and increase the rewards, introducing the new Ancient quality of gear & accessories. Brelshaza Hard Mode will require Item Level 1540 for gates 1 & 2, 1550 for gates 3 & 4, and 1560 for gates 5 & 6.

Hanumatan Guardian Raid

The Hanumatan has sensed chaos looming in Arkesia and has woken from a long slumber. After spectating the state of the world with dispassionate eyes, he has come to a conclusion: Humans are the enemies endangering Arkesia. Hanumatan must be stopped before his cold and furious wrath destroys every life form on Arkesia.

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Challenging Hanumatan in a Guardian Raid will require Item Level 1540, and like Brelshaza Hard Mode, Ancient accessories can be earned by successful parties.

Later in 2023

The above only covers Lost Ark content until April 2023 but the devs have confirmed more will be announced later in the year including new story content, store updates, events, bug fixes,

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