Best Lost Ark Paladin builds: Best skills for PVP & PVE

Paladin Lost Ark buildSmilegate RPG

Looking for the best Lost Ark Paladin builds? Here are all of the skills you’ll need to dominate PvE and PvP battles as the powerful Warrior.

While support style roles in MMOs are typically less popular, they’re absolutely essential to a group when completing end game content and it’s no different in Lost Ark.

With the Paladin being one of the few classes that can heal, it makes it the perfect choice for players who prefer to take a back seat on the DPS and instead focus on keeping their party members alive.

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Of course, in order to get the most out of the Paladin, you’ll need to be familiar with the best PVE and PVP builds, and luckily, we’ve got you covered.


Paladin Lost ArkSmilegate RPG
The Paladin is capable of healing and dishing out DPS.

Gunlancer, Berserker, or Paladin

While the Gunlancer’s primary role is to tank and the Berserker’s job is to output DPS, the Paladin acts more as a supportive class that aids party members with buffs and heals.

Not only that, the Paladin is capable of dishing out hefty damage in specific windows, but its primary role is to keep teammates alive by using cooldowns at the correct moments.

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This is particularly important in end-game dungeons where the smallest mistake can cost you your life in an instant, so having a healer there can be a game-changer, especially one that knows exactly when to use their abilities.

So, although the Paladin won’t be the class at the top of the damage meters, they’ll always be welcome in a group setting.

Paladin Lost Ark Smilegate RPG
Paladins are not as tanky as Gunlancers.

Best Paladin PvE build

The perfect Paladin PvE build will focus on boosting the class’ ability to heal and buff teammates while also allowing players to deal a hefty amount of damage in certain windows.

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However, it’s important to remember that the Paladin is a support first and foremost, so DPS should always be second on the agenda.

The best Lost Ark Paladin PvE build is:

Skill Skill Level (/10) Rune I  II III
Charge 7 Excellent Mobility Shining Protection N/A
Executor’s Sword 10 Stigmata Challenger’s Will Executioner’s Strike
Flash Thrust 10 Excellent Mobility Chain Attack Flash Enhancement
Godsent Law 7 Skilled Wisdom Brilliant Law N/A
Heavenly Blessings 10 Faith Valor Absolute Blessing
Holy Protection 7 Swift Fingers Purify N/A
Holy Sword 10 Stigmata Weak Point Detection Condensed Energy
Wrath of God 10 Acuteness Faith Express Fury

Best Paladin PvP build

Monsters and creatures are all well and good, but what if you want to take down other players with the Paladin in PvP? Well, that requires a tweaked build that is slightly more offensive but can still support teammates with ease.

In order to maximize your PVP strength, here are all the skills you’ll need:

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Skill Skill Level (/10) Rune I  II III
Charge 5 Excellent Mobility N/A N/A
Dash Slash 4 Quick Pace N/A N/A
Execution of Justice 10 Rune Prison Strength Release Light Explosion
Godsent Law 10 Shield Wide-angle Attack Grace
Heavenly Blessings 10 Mind Enhancement Perseverance Heavenly Requiem
Holy Protection 10 Quick Pace Robust Protection Vow of Light
Holy Sword 10 Propulsion Outburst of Light Condensed Energy
Wrath of God 10 Wide Thunderstroke Thunder Express Fury

Paladin mixed PvEvP build

For some, switching builds constantly when taking part in both PvE and PvP is a chore they don’t want to worry about, so what build do you run if you want the best of both worlds on the Paladin?

Our recommendations for a mixed Paladin build are:

Skill Skill Level (/10) Rune I  II III
Charge 10 Excellent Mobility  Shining Protection Ambush Attack
Dash Slash 10 Quick Pace Sustain Enhancement Ruthless Sprint
Execution of Justice 10 Forward Attack Strength Release Light Explosion
Executor’s Sword 4 Excellent Mobility N/A N/A
Heavenly Blessings 10 Agile Cast Perseverance Heavenly Requiem
Holy Protection 10 Quick Pace Robust Protection Thunderous Protection
Holy Sword 10 Propulsion Vital Point Strike Condensed Energy
Wraith of God 10 Wide Thunderstroke Thunder Express Fury

So that’s all of the best Paladin builds in Lost Ark. Looking to become Arkesia’s next champion? Check out our Lost Ark guides:

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