Best Lost Ark Sorceress builds: Best skills for PVP & PVE

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Looking for the best builds to run on the Sorceress in Lost Ark? Here are all of the skills you’ll need to set the competition ablaze in both the PvP and PvE settings.

As with every fantasy MMORPG that has ever graced the gaming sphere, Lost Ark has its own collection of spell-slinging characters who utilize Arkesian magic to take down their foes.

The most powerful of these majestic women is the Sorceress, who manipulates the elements into weapons of war that are perfect for tearing through the demonic hordes.

You may be wondering which skills are the best for the game‘s resident mage, and thankfully we’ve got all the answers here for you. So, without further ado, here are the best builds for the Sorceress in Lost Ark both PvP and PvP play.


lost ark sorceress with staff and spell looks at camera
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Lost Ark’s mistress of magic is geared up and ready to take down some demons.

Bard or Sorceress?

There are two fundamental differences between the Bard and Sorceress Advances Classes: one deals high levels of burst and AoE damage from afar, while the other relies more on healing spells to keep her allies topped up.

The latter of those, The Sorceress, is the DPS-focused spellcaster that is perfectly suited to players who have played DPS mages in other games. Blending together a collection of fire, ice, and lightning, her spellbook is packed to the brim with AoE and single-target attacks.

If you’re looking to play more PvP content, or alternatively just want to play a devastating ranged DPS, the Sorceress is for you. Her sister is Lost Ark’s premier healer, therefore won’t sate that destructive urge in the same way.

lost ark sorceress casting a spell
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We wouldn’t want to get to close to the queen of the elements – even if it was to compliment her outfit.

Best Lost Ark Sorceress PvE build

In order to navigate through Lost Ark’s main story quest, you’ll need to have a decent PvE build under your belt. Once you’ve torn your way through Arkesia’s terrors, you’ll be able to either shatter spines in the PvP Colosseum or continue to face down fearsome foes in Raid and Dungeons.

While there are two different PvE builds for the Sorceress – Ignition (high Critical damage) and Reflux (raw spell damage and CDR) – we’ve compiled an easy guide to get you through most PvE situations:

Skill Skill Level (/10) Rune I  II III
Blaze 4 Amplification of Damage N/A N/A
Lightning Vortex 10 Magic Control Wide-area Attack Ferocious Lightning
Punishing Strike 10 Wide-Area Attack Unloading Final Blow
Seraphic Hail 10 Quick Preparation Extra Explosion Red Tsunami
Rime Arrow 10 Awareness Enhanced Attack Frost Area
Reverse Gravity 10 Quick Preparation Electric Field Find Weakness
Esoteric Reaction 10 Quick Preparation The Strongest Survives Shove

Best Lost Ark Sorceress PvP build

Looking to crack some player skulls rather than crush the bones of your enemies? The Colosseum is your next stop. The Sorceress is a one woman weapon of war, making her ideal for PvP play if you have the right build.

Here’s our recommended PvP build:

Skill Skill Level (/10) Rune I  II III
Inferno 10 Fault Acceleration Flame Area Firepower Supplement
Lightning Vortex 7 Inactivity Wide-area Attack N/A
Punishing Strike 10 Magic Control Inevitable Fate “Arcane Genius”
Seraphic Hail 10 Quick Preparation Extra Explosion Red Tsunami
Frost’s Call 10 Chills Imperfect Domination Survival of the Fittest
Squall 10 Magic Control Lightning Tornado Wide-area Attack
Reverse Gravity 7 Wide-area Attack Lava Field N/A
Esoteric Reaction 10 Quick Preparation Enhanced Attack Stable Crystal

Best Lost Ark Sorceress PvEvP build

Looking to get the best of both worlds to save some pesky back and forth in the Skill menu (bound to K)? Thankfully, we’ve got a mixed PvEvP build to help you out.

This is the best PvEvP build for the Sorceress:

Skill Skill Level (/10) Rune I  II III
Inferno 10 Nonstop Flame Area Expanding Fire
Explosion 10 Nonstop Vortex Flame Final Blow
Doomsday 10 Nonstop Flame Area Final Blow
Punishing Strike 10 Wide-area Attack Unloading Final Blow
Seraphic Hail 10 Awareness Extra Explosion Red Tsunami
Frost’s Call 7 Chills Imperfect Domination N/A
Rime Arrow 10 Chills Enhanced Attack Shard of Frost
Reverse Gravity 7 Wide-area Attack Ice Area N/A

So that’s the best Sorceress guides in Lost Ark, whether you’re looking to play PvE or PvP. Looking to master all of Arkesia’s heroes? Be sure to check out our other Lost Ark guides:

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