Best Lost Ark Scrapper builds: Best skills for PVP & PVE

Alex Garton
Scrapper Lost Ark

Looking for the best Lost Ark Scrapper builds? Here are all of the skills you’ll need to dominate PvE and PvP battles as the Martial Artist.

When it comes to DPS classes in Lost Ark, it’s safe to say players have plenty of choice with each of the specializations offering completely different abilities and playstyles.

As a result, it can be difficult to choose which class suits you best. However, if you’re a fan of hand-to-hand combat but still want a character that hits extremely hard and deals hefty burst damage, it may be time for you to create a Scrapper.

Equipped with two huge gauntlets that can take out multiple enemies at once, the Scrapper is the perfect class for players who aren’t afraid to dive into a skirmish head first.

Of course, in order to get the most out of the Scrapper, you’ll need to be familiar with the best PVE and PVP builds, and luckily, we’ve got you covered.


Scrapper Lost Ark
The Scrapper uses two huge gauntlets.

Striker, Wardancer, Scrapper, & Soulfist

While the Striker, Wardancer, Scrapper, and Soulfist all fall under the banner of the Martial Artist class, they each offer different playstyles that you need to be familiar with.

For starters, the Striker is the most traditional Martial Artist class, using their series of fast attacks and aerial combos to take out any enemies in their path.

Interweaving martial arts with elemental magic, the Wardancer still takes on enemies at close range but empowers their blows with powerful magic. The Soulfist is similar but can attack from long-range and close the distance on their opponents, channeling special energy called Adamance.

Finally, the Scrapper uses two huge gauntlets and hits hard at close-range. With a strong combination of attack, defense, mobility, and lasting power, they have the tools for any encounter that comes their way.

Scrapper Lost Ark class
The Scrapper can deal serious burst damage at close-range.

Best Scrapper PvE build

When it comes to PvE on the Scrapper, it’s all about maximizing damage but also having the survivability to tank hits from bosses and multiple enemies just in case. As you’re in melee range a lot of time, it’s also important that you have enough mobility to dip in and out of combat.

The best Lost Ark Scrapper PvE build is:

Skill Skill Level (/10) Rune I  II III
Charging Blow 10 Ready Attack Stone Fist Steel Fist
Crushing Smite 7 Amplified Damage Focus N/A
Death Rattle 10 Quick Preparation Single Strike Shock Explosion
Dragon Advent 4 Excellent Mobility  N/A  N/A
Fierce Tiger Strike 9 Amplified Damage Weak Point Detection  N/A
Roundup Sweep 10 Swift Preparation Additional Strike Reinforced Strike
Supernova 10 Quick Preparation Piercing Strike Spineless Strike
True Rising Fist 10 Lightning Fist Objective Strike Dragon’s Fury

Best Scrapper PvP build

Similar to a PvE Scrapper build, the name of the game in PvP will always be dealing damage, but the PvP build puts more of a focus on AoE damage to deal with multiple enemies attempting to surround your position.

So, in order to maximize your PVP strength, here are all the skills you’ll need:

Skill Skill Level (/10) Rune I  II III
Battering Fists 7 Righteous Pillage Single Strike N/A
Chain Destruction Fist 10 Endless Rage Tenacity Shaking Ground
Charging Blow 7 Excellent Mobility Stone Fist N/A
Critical Blow 10 Vital Point Strike Muscle Rupture Mastery
Dragon Advent 7 Excellent Mobility Tenacity N/A
Earthquake Chain 10 Shock Release Break the Siege Powerful Earthquake
Roundup Sweep 10 Single Strike Additional Strike Reinforced Strike
True Rising Fist 10 N/A Furious Strike Dragon’s Fury

Mixed PvEvP build

For some, switching builds constantly when taking part in both PvE and PvP is a chore they don’t want to worry about, so what build do you run if you want the best of both worlds on the Scrapper?

Our recommendations for a mixed Scrapper build are:

Skill Skill Level (/10) Rune I  II III
Chain Destruction Fist 10 Awaken Tenacity Shaking Ground
Charging Blow 7 Excellent Mobility Stone Fist N/A
Critical Blow 10 Quick Preparation Tendon Rupture Mastery
Death Rattle 10 True Sight Single Strike Shock Explosion
Dragon Advent 4 Excellent Mobility N/A N/A
Earthquake Chain 10 Undying Power Break the Siege Powerful Earthquake
Fierce Tiger Strike 7 Amplified Damage Focus N/A
Roundup Sweep 10 Swift Preparation Madman Reinforced Strike

So that’s all of the best Scrapper builds in Lost Ark. Looking to become Arkesia’s next champion? Check out our Lost Ark guides:

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