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Best Lost Ark Shadowhunter builds: Best skills for PVP & PVE

Published: 10/Nov/2021 13:31 Updated: 10/Nov/2021 17:21

by Lauren Bergin


Looking for the best Lost Ark Shadowhunter builds? Here are all of the skills you’ll need to dominate PvE and PvP battles and the demonic Assassin. 

As Amazon Games’ MMOARPG, Lost Ark, continues to gather steam in the West, players are flocking to Arkesia’s shores in search of a brand new adventure.

In order to begin your quest to weather the oncoming storm, you’ll need to select a class from the game‘s extensive roster of different characters. One of the most popular picks is the mysterious Assassin, whose Shadowhunter sub-class channels demonic energy to crush their foes.


Looking to slay your foes, devil-style? Here are the best builds for Lost Ark’s Shadowhunter in both the PvE and PvP setting.


lost ark shadowhunter assassin
Smilegate RPG
The Shadowhunter is one of the Assassin’s Identity classes.

Lost Ark: Shadowhunter or Deathblade?

Choosing the Assassin can be a no-brainer for a lot of players, however, selecting between the class’ two identity specialisms is a little bit more difficult.

While the Deathblade focuses more on fast-paced combat, the Shadowhunter wields heavier weapons that pack a bit more of a punch. With the ability to transform into a demonic version of themselves, they’re agile, stealthy, and tear down foes in a couple of hits.

We’d recommend the Shadowhunter for players that enjoy a high-risk-high-reward playstyle, but like having some defense on their side, as that aforementioned demon form (activated with ‘Z’) grants you enhanced speed and tank-iness. This makes it the better beginner class of the two.


Lost Ark Shadowhunter Assassin in class test mode
Smilegate RPG
The Shadowhunter bends the powers of all things hellish to their whim.

Best Lost Ark Shadowhunter PvE build

If the Colosseum doesn’t hold much appeal to you, then thankfully you’ll be able to focus on a pure PvE build. Most of the game’s story quests are PvE related, so having a decent set of skills is key to progressing through the story and, of course, the dungeons, efficiently.

The best Lost Ark Shadowhunter PvE build is:

Skill Skill Level (/10) Rune I  II III
Cruel Cutter 6 Magick Control Earth Attack N/A
Decimate 10 Quick Preparation Encroachment Discharge N/A
Demon Vision 10 Quick Release Encroaching Power Overflowing Power
Demonic Clone 10 Vital Point Strike Chain Attack Enhanced Release Encroachment
Demonic Slash 7 Excellent Mobility Nimble Movement Chain Charge
Howl 10 Quick Preparation Law of the Jungle Scream of Fury
Piercing Thorn 10 Enhanced Strike Quick Preparation Advancing Thorns
Rising Claw 10 Quick Preparation Critical Blow Grasp of Exploitation

Best Lost Ark Shadowhunter PVP build

Sure, slaying Arkesia’s flora and fauna can be a good time, but tearing through your opponents in the game’s Colosseum arena is a must for competitive players.

In order to maximize your PVP strength, here are all the skills you’ll need:


Skill Skill Level (/10) Rune I  II III
Decimate 10 Swift Fingers Weak Point Detection Cruel Hand
Demon Vision 10 Concentrated Release Encroaching Power Instant Discharge
Demon’s Grip 7 Quick Preparation Encroaching Power N/A
Demonic Clone 10 Vital Point Strike Fists of Destruction  Encroachment Discharge
Demonic Slash 4 Excellent Mobility Nimble Movement N/A
Howl 10 Quick Preparation Encroaching Power Scream of Fury
Rising Claw 4 Naively Honest Critical Blow Grasp of Death
Thrust Impact 10 Swift Thrust Deep Thrust Encroaching Power

Shadowhunter mixed PvEvP build

If you’re looking to get the best of both worlds, don’t worry! As the Shadowhunter’s skill pool is relatively limited, you’ll be able to switch up a few runes and snag yourself the best of both the PvE and PvP worlds.

Our recommendations for a mixed Shadowhunter build are:

Skill Skill Level (/10) Rune I  II III
Demon Vision 7 Quick Release Electric Discharge N/A
Demonic Clone 10 Naively Honest Fists of Destruction  Encroachment Discharge
Demonic Slash 10 Excellent Mobility Nimble Movement Chain Charge
Grind Chain 10 Earth Attack Impaired Mobility Chain Attack
Piercing Thorn 10 Enhanced Strike Triple Thorn Massive Thorns
Rising Claw 7 Naively Honest Giant Hand N/A
Sharpened Cut 7 Excellent Mobility Vertical Slash N/A
Thrust Impact 10 Swift Thrust Enhanced Explosion Spectral Explosion

So that’s all of the best Shadowhunter builds in Lost Ark. Looking to become Arkesia’s next champion? Check out our Lost Ark guides:

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