Best Lost Ark Reaper builds: Best skills for PVP, PVE, & Raids

Reaper Lost ArkTripod Studio / Smilegate

Looking to try the latest Assassin class in Lost Ark? Here are the best Lost Ark Reaper builds to try for PVP, PVE, and Raids.

Lost Ark is a fantasy MMORPG that sometimes feels like a cross between Diablo and Final Fantasy XIV. The game features a variety of classes with the Assassin being a firm favorite. The Assassin has three advanced sub-classes with the Reaper being the most recent.

Like every other class and advanced class in the game, the Reaper can be tailored to fit a particular style of play, so be it PVP, PVE, or Raids, here are the best builds for the Reaper in Lost Ark.

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The reaper in lost arkTripod Studio / Smilegate
The Reaper is the third advanced Assassin class in Lost Ark.

Best Lost Ark Reaper PVE build

If you’re just looking to play through the game and experience what the Reaper has to offer, then the below PVE build is specially designed to help you conquer the world of Lost Ark.

Here’s the best PVE Reaper build (currently) for playing PVE:

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SkillSkill Level (/10)Rune I Rune 2Rune 3
Nightmare4Poison: BleedN/AN/A
Shadow Vortex10Poison: BleedQuick PrepSwoop Activation
Distortion4Quick PrepN/AN/A
Call of the Knife10Jungle’s LawGrowing DarknessCall of Fear
Shadow Storm10Piercing StrikePeriodShadow Zone
Glowing Brand10Increase RangeEnhanced SwoopTestament
Rage Spear4Quick PrepN/AN/A
Dance of Fury10Nimble MovementFatal DaggerSuppressed Move
CadenzaAwakening SkillN/AN/AN/A

Best Lost Ark Reaper PVP build

The Reaper is an advanced Assassin class, therefore taking out other players is their speciality. If you’re creating a Reaper build to strike down other players in PVP, then here’s our recommended Reaper PVP build:

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SkillSkill Level (/10)Rune I Rune 2Rune 3
Nightmare10Poison: BleedDirty BlowBack Attack
Reaper’s Call10Poison: BleedTenacityAll-Out Attack
Distortion4Quick PrepN/AN/A
Shadow Storm10Piercing StrikePeriodShadow Zone
Shadow Double10Charge ShadowForward SlashShadow of Death
Shadow Trap10Trap EnhancementShadow SnareActivate Shadow
Glowing Brand10Vita Point HitEnhanced SweepTestament
Silent Rage10Quick PrepSharp FallGround Smash
RequiemAwakening SkillN/AN/AN/A
reaper lost arkTripod Studio / Smilegate
The Reaper has a variety of builds each suited to PvP, PvE, and Raids.

Best Lost Ark Reaper Raid build

If you’re creating a Reaper Assassin in Lost Ark to dominate in Raids, then we’d recommend creating the Lunar Voice Reaper Raid build by making use of the below skills:

SkillSkill Level (/10)Rune I Rune 2Rune 3Wealth/Galewind
Nightmare10Poison: CorrosionQuick PrepBack AttackWealth: Legendary
Shadow Vortex10Poison: CorrosionQuick PrepSwoop ActivationWealth: Epic
Distortion7Quick PrepTailwindN/AWealth: Rare
Shadow Storm12Charge ShadowPeriodShadow ZoneWealth: Epic
Shadow Trap11Trap EnhancementShadow SnareActivate ShadowWealth: Rare
Glowing Brand12Vital Point HitEnhanced SwoopTestamentGalewind: Epic
Rage Spear12Fata DaggerAmbushConsecrated AttackGalewaind: Legendary
Dance of Fury12Piercing StrikeFatal DaggerSuppressed MoveGalewind: Epic
CadenzaAwakening SkillN/AN/AN/AN/A

So that’s the best Reaper builds in Lost Ark, whether you’re looking to play PVE, PVP, or Raids. Looking to master all of Arkesia’s heroes? Be sure to check out our other Lost Ark guides:

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