Jingliu in Honkai Star Rail: Leaks, abilities & more

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Jingliu is a highly anticipated Honkai Star Rail 5-star Ice character who is set to make her debut in an upcoming update. With leaked details surfacing, we’ve gathered everything we know about her skills and abilities.

Honkai Star Rail is absolutely brimming with colorful characters, and while Trailblazers are currently rolling on the game’s Jing Yuan banner – that hasn’t stopped a number of upcoming character leaks from appearing. 

It’s not just Ruan Mei that has caught the attention of the game’s players, as now new Jingliu leaks have cropped up. The upcoming 5-star Ice character will likely prove popular among players looking for another Destruction path unit, thanks to the class’s high damage output. 

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So, whether you’re planning to save your Star Rail Special passes for her banner or simply want to dive deeper into her capabilities, our Jingliu hub has you covered. 


Who is Jingliu in Honkai Star Rail?

Jingliu was once the sword master of the Xianzhou Luofu, as well as Jing Yuan’s master. However, tragedy struck, and Jingliu was driven into madness. Despite her turmoil, she managed to guide Jing Yuan, helping him to be prepared for whatever challenges lie ahead. 

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Current Honkai Star Rail leaks suggest that Jingliu is a five-star Ice element character, that is part of the Destruction Path. This means she will likely excel at unleashing devastating AoE attacks that hit multiple targets – something that is always important when fighting waves of tough foes. 

Is there a release date for Jingliu in Honkai Star Rail?

No, Jingliu has yet to receive an official release date. However, according to leaks, Jingliu will make her debut in the Honkai Star Rail trial mode as part of the highly anticipated Version 1.1 update. The Version 1.1 update is currently expected to release on June 7, 2023. However, players will have to wait a little longer before she has her own banner release. 

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Honkai Star Rail Jingliu abilities

Renowned Honkai Star Rail leaker, Mero, has shared Jingliu’s abilities giving Trailblazers an early glimpse of how she’ll play. Below you’ll find all of Jingliu’s abilities in the game, but just like all leaks, these could change before her official release date.

  • Basic Attack: Feathered Frost – Deals Ice DMG to a single enemy and gains two stacks of ‘New Moon.’
  • Skill: Moonlit River – Deals Ice DMG to one enemy and surrounding enemies. Consumes two stacks of ‘Moonlight.’
  • Ultimate: Moonlit – Deals Ice DMG to one enemy and surrounding enemies. If Jingliu is in the ‘Transcendence’ state, she gains two stacks of ‘Moonlight’ after attacking. If not, she gains two stacks of ‘New Moon.’
  • Talent – With four stacks of ‘New Moon’, Jingliu enters the ‘Transcendence’ state and sacrifices the party’s HP to increase her ATK. During the ‘Transcendence’ state, ‘New Moon’ turns into ‘Moonlight’ and Jingliu obtains a new skill.
  • Technique – Jingliu gains two stacks of ‘New Moon’ at the beginning of a battle.

Jingliu Eidolon leaks 

Jingliu’s Eidolons have also leaked ahead of her release date, with one player providing details on the Honkai Star Rail leaks Reddit page. So, if you happen to get lucky and secure multiple copies of Jingliu when her banner releases, then you’ll be able to gain access to the following buffs: 

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  • The Moon Violates The Heavenly Gates: If only one enemy target is attacked when Jingliu casts an ultimate or enhanced combat skill, the damage originally caused to the adjacent target will also be dealt to the target enemy, causing Ice DMG equal of ?% of the DMG an adjacent target would take.
  • Holding a Basilisk Candle: The DMG dealt by Jingliu in [Transcendence] state is increased by an amount equal to ?% of the maximum of [Moonlight] stacks.
  • Illuminated Seven Stars: In the state of Transcendence, the ATK obtained by consuming Jingliu’s and teammate’s HP is increased by ?%, and the maximum ATK obtained is increased by ?%
  • Obscured Into Three: Skill level +2, up to a maximum of Lv. 15. NA level +1, up to a maximum of Lv. 10.
  • Half Hope: Ultimate level +2, up to a maximum of lvl 15. Talent level +23, up to a maximum of lvl 15.
  • Erosion in Lou: When Jingliu enters the state of [Transcendence], the number of stacks converted into [Moonlight] and the maximum stacks of [Moonlight] will be increased by ? stacks.

Of course, like all Honkai Star Rail leaks, Jingliu’s Eidolons could change before her official release. We’ll be sure to continually update this article as and when new information is revealed. 

So, there you have it, that’s everything we currently know about Jingliu. Make sure you check out our Honkai Star Rail page for all the latest news and guide.

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