Best Lynx Honkai Star Rail build: Relics, Light Cones, Eidolons, & Abilities

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Lynx sitting outside a tent

Lynx is a 4-star Quantum unit in Honkai Star Rail hailing from the Path of Abundance. Here is a detailed guide for Lynx featuring her abilities, Light Cones, Eidolons, and much more.

Lynx is another needed healer in Honkai Star Rail. Healing is a tough task in this game, considering other top-tier units like Luocha and Huohuo exist.

However, Lynx stands her ground exceptionally well amidst the competition. She has single-target healing and party-wide healing, and she can also cleanse one debuff from the entire party through her ultimate. The last part makes her a really good unit since Luocha and Natasha possess single-target cleanse.

Therefore, it will be valuable if you possess at least one copy of Lynx in your account, and if you did end up getting her, here is all you need to know.


Lynx abilities in Honkai Star Rail

A screenshot of Lynx's abilities in Honkai Star Rail
Lynx can heal and cleanse allies in Honkai Star Rail
  • Basic Attack: Ice Axe Crampon Technique – Deals Quantum DMG equal to a percentage of Lynx’s Max HP to a single target
  • Skill: Salted Camping Cans – Applies Survival Response to a single target ally and increases their Max HP by 5.0% of Lynx’s Max HP + 50. If the target is a character on the Path of Destruction or Preservation, the chance of them being attacked by enemies will increase greatly. Survival Response lasts for 2 turn(s). Restores the target’s HP by 8.0% of Lynx’s Max HP +80.
  • Ultimate: Snowfield First Aid – Dispels 1 debuff(s) from all allies and immediately restores their HP equal to 9.0% of Lynx’s Max HP + 90.
  • Talent: Outdoor Survival Experience – When using Lynx’s Skill or Ultimate, apply continuous healing to the target ally for 2 turn(s), restoring HP equal to 2.4% of Lynx’s Max HP + 24 at the start of each turn. If the target has Survival Response, the continuous healing effect additionally restores HP equal to 3.0% of Lynx’s Max HP + 30.
  • Technique: Chocolate Energy Bat – After Lynx uses her Technique, at the start of the next battle, all allies are granted the continuous healing effect from her Talent for 2 turn(s).

Lynx Eidolons in Honkai Star Rail

Lynx eidolons in Honkai Star Rail
Lynx’s eidolons enhance her abilities quite well
  • Level 1 – Morning of Snow Hike: When healing allies with HP equal to or lower than 50%, Lynx’s Outgoing Healing increases by 20%. This effect also works on continuous healing.
  • Level 2 – Noon of Portable Furnace: A target with Survival Response can resist debuff application for 1 time(s).
  • Level 3 – Afternoon of Avalanche Beacon: Skill Lv. +2, up to a maximum of Lv. 15. Basic ATK Lv. +1, up to a maximum of Lv.10. 
  • Level 4 – Dusk of Warm Campfire: When Survival Response is gained, increases the target’s ATK by an amount equal to 3.0% of Lynx’s Max HP for 1 turn(s).
  • Level 5 – Night of Aurora Tea: Ultimate Lv. +2, up to a maximum of Lv. 15. Talent Lv. +2, up to a maximum of Lv. 15.
  • Level 6 – Dawn of Explorers’ Chart: Further increases the Survival Response Max HP increment effect, which is equal to 6.0% of Lynx’s Max HP. Also increases Effect RES by 30%.

Best Light Cone for Lynx in Honkai Star Rail

A screenshot from the game Honkai Star Rail
Huohuo has multiple good Light Cones to choose in the game

Lynx is an Abundance unit in Honkai Star Rail, which means her best Light Cone is Night of Fright. This Light Cone increases the Energy Regeneration of the wearer by 12% and also enhances an ally’s ATK by 2.4% after healing them.

This is Huohuo’s signature Light Cone that you can pull when Honkai Star Rail features her on a banner.

If you are looking for another option, then Warmth Shortens Cold Nights is a really good Light Cone for Lynx. This one can be obtained by reaching level 30 on the Battle Pass. Lastly, Time Waits for No One is another recommendation, considering it increases the wearer’s Max HP by 18% and Outgoing Healing by 12%. 

Best Relic set and Planar ornament for Lynx in Honkai Star Rail

Messenger Traversing Hackerspace is the best Relic set for Lynx in Honkai Star Rail. The set bonus for this Relic set has been provided below:

2-piece bonus: Increases SPD by 6%

4-piece bonus: Upon using the Ultimate, the SPD of all allies is enhanced by 12% for 1 turn.

The best Planar Ornament set for Lynx is Broken Keel. This Ornament set will enhance the Effect RES of Lynx and the damage output of the entire team.

Best Lynx Team comp in Honkai Star Rail

A screenshot from the game Honkai Star Rail
Lynx functions exceptionally well with Blade

Lynx is an Abundance unit, making her extremely versatile. However, if you want an optimal team for her, then Blade, Bronya, and Silver Wolf will be her ideal partners. This is because Lynx’s skill works in a way where Destruction and Preservation units are targeted by enemies more frequently.

This synergizes well with characters like Blade, who want to get hit by enemies to trigger his passive ability. Additionally, you can run a mono-Quantum team involving Seele, Lynx, Fu Xuan, and Silver Wolf.

So, there you have it. That’s everything we currently know about Lynx in Honkai Star Rail. Make sure you check out our Honkai Star Rail page for all the latest news and information.

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