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Genshin Impact character Sayu posing screenshot

Sayu is a 4-star Anemo character hailing from the Inazuma region in Genshin Impact. If you’re looking to build her, check out our recommended Artifacts, weapons, and more.

Voiced by streamer LilyPichu, Sayu is a sleepy ninja who believes that resting will allow her to grow taller. Sayu is a Mujina, which is a badger-like animal in Japanese folklore.

In terms of combat, Sayu excels in driving Elemental Reactions with her Elemental Skill. She can also act as a healer and buff her teammates when using the Viridescent Venerer Artifact set.

Keep reading to learn more about what Artifacts and weapons you should pick to maximize Sayu’s potential.


Sayu abilities in Genshin Impact

Sayu in Genshin Impact

Normal Attack: Shiyuumatsu-Ban Ninja Blade

  • Normal Attack: Perform up to four consecutive strikes.
  • Charged Attack: Drains Stamina over time to perform a continuous spinning attack against all nearby opponents. A power slash occurs after you release the attack
  • Plunging Attack: Plunges from mid-air to strike the ground below, damaging enemies with an Area of Effect impact.

Elemental Skill: Yoohoo Art – Fuuin Dash

Curl up into a rolling Fufu Windwheel and smash into opponents at high speed, dealing Anemo damage. When the duration ends, unleashes a Fufu Whirlwind Kick, dealing AoE Anemo damage.

  • Press: Enter the Fufu Windwheel state, roll forward a short distance before using the Fufu Whirlwind Kick
  • Hold: Roll continuously in the Fufu Windwheel state, increasing resistance to interruption. Can trigger elemental absorption. Has a maximum duration of 10s.
  • Elemental absorption: Occurs once per use – if Sayu comes into contact with Hydro, Pyro, Cryo, or Electro while in the Windwheel, she deals additional elemental damage of that type.

Elemental Burst: Yoohoo Art – Mujina Flurry

Summons a pair of helping hands, dealing Anemo damage to nearby enemies and healing nearby party members. The amount of HP restored is based on Sayu’s attack and summon a Muji-Muji Daruma.

  • Muji-Muji Daruma: Either attacking nearby enemies dealing Anemo damage if nearby characters HP is above 70%. If HP is, however, below 70%, it will heal the character with the lowest percentage HP, or heal all characters above 70% HP if no enemies are nearby.

Sayu Constellations in Genshin Impact

Sayu Constellations in Genshin Impact

Did you pull multiple copies of Sayu? Here are the buffs you can expect from her Constellations:

  • Level One – Multi-Task no Jutsu: The Muji-Muji Daruma created by Yoohoo Art: Mujina Flurry will ignore HP limits and can simultaneously attack nearby opponents and heal characters.
  • Level Two – Egress Prep: Yoohoo Art: Fuuin Dash gains the following effects:
    • DMG of Fuufuu Whirlwind Kick in Press Mode increased by 3.3%.
    • Every 0.5s in the Fuufuu Windwheel state will increase the DMG of this Fuufuu Whirlwind Kick by 3.3%. The maximum DMG increase possible through this method is 66%.
  • Level Three – Eh, the Bunshin Can Handle It: Increases the Level of Yoohoo Art: Mujina Flurry by 3.
    Maximum upgrade level is 15.
  • Level Four – Skiving: New and Improved: Sayu recovers 1.2 Energy when she triggers a Swirl reaction. This effect occurs once every 2s.
  • Level Five – Speed Comes First: Increases the Level of Yoohoo Art: Fuuin Dash by 3. Maximum upgrade level is 15.
  • Level Six – Sleep O’Clock: The Muji-Muji Daruma created by Yoohoo Art: Mujina Flurry will now also benefit from her Elemental Mastery. Each point of Sayu’s Elemental Mastery will produce the following effects:
    • Increases the damage dealt by the Muji-Muji Daruma’s attacks by 0.2% ATK. A maximum of 400% ATK can be gained via this method.
    • Increases the HP restored by the Muji-Muji Daruma by 3. A maximum of 6,000 additional HP can be restored in this manner.

Best Sayu Artifacts

The only Artifact set that we recommend using for Sayu is the 4-piece Viridescent Venerer. This will increase Sayu’s Anemo DMG Bonus by 15% in addition to improving her Swirl DMG by 60% and decreasing opponents’ Elemental RES.

We suggest focusing on Artifacts with Elemental Mastery stats to better trigger Elemental Reactions.

ArtifactSet Bonuses
Viridescent Venerer artifact set in Genshin Impact
Viridescent Venerer
2-piece: Anemo DMG Bonus +15%
4-piece: Increases Swirl DMG by 60%. Decreases opponent’s Elemental RES to the element infused in the Swirl by 40% for 10s.

Best Sayu weapons

You don’t need a 5-star weapon to maximize Sayu’s potential. In fact, if you’re building her with Elemental Mastery in mind, we recommend using the Makhaira Aquamarine to create bonus ATK for both Sayu and her party members.

Alternatively, you could run the 4-star Mailed Flower to increase her ATK and Elemental Mastery after hitting an enemy with Sayu’s Elemental Skill or triggering an Elemental Reaction.

Lastly, if you decide to build Sayu with a focus on Energy Recharge, we suggest going with the Favonius Greatsword for a chance to generate more energy after dealing CRIT Hits.


Makhaira Aquamarine
The following effect will trigger every 10s: The equipping character will gain 24% of their Elemental Mastery as bonus ATK for 12s, with nearby party members gaining 30% of this buff for the same duration. Multiple instances of this weapon can allow this buff to stack. This effect will still trigger even if the character is not on the field.
Genshin Impact's Mailed Flower
Mailed Flower
Within 8s after the character’s Elemental Skill hits an opponent or the character triggers an Elemental Reaction, their ATK and Elemental Mastery will be increased by 12% and 48 respectively.

Favonius Greatsword
CRIT Hits have a 60% chance to generate a small amount of Elemental Particles, which will regenerate 6 Energy for the character. Can only occur once every 12s

Sayu Talent Level-up and Ascension Materials

The following tables contain what materials you’ll need to collect to level up Sayu’s Talents and fully ascend the character:

Ascension LevelMora CostMaterialsMaterialsMaterialsMaterials
120000Vayuda Turquoise Silver x3Crystal Marrow x3Whopperflower Nectar x3
240000Vayuda Turquoise Fragment x 3Marionette Core x2Crystal Marrow x10Whopperflower Nectar x15
360000Vayuda Turquoise Fragment x6Marionette Core x4Crystal Marrow x20Shimmering Nectar x12
480000Vayuda Turquoise Chunk x3Marionette Core x8Crystal Marrow x30Shimmering Nectar x18
5100000Vayuda Turquoise Chunk x6Marionette Core x12Crystal Marrow x45Energy Nectar x12
6120000Vayuda Turquoise Gemstone x6Marionette Core x20Crystal Marrow x60Energy Nectar x24
Talent Level-up materialsTalent Level-up materialsTalent Level-up materialsTalent Level-up materials
Talent level-up materialsTeachings of Light x9Guide to Light x63Philosophies of Light x114
Common materialsWhopperflower Nectar x18Shimmering Nectar x66Energy Nectar x93
Boss materialsGilded Scale x18

Sayu Genshin Impact trailer

In August 2021, Genshin Impact posted a character demo of Sayu on its official YouTube channel. You can watch it below:

Best Sayu team comp in Genshin Impact

Raiden Shogun in Genshin Impact

The best Sayu team comp centers on her ability to trigger Elemental Reactions. We suggest running Sayu alongside Raiden Shogun, Xiangling, and Kokomi to create several types of Elemental Reactions.

If you’re running Sayu as a healer instead of focusing on Elemental Mastery, we still recommend having Raiden Shogun and Xiangling in your party. However, you could fill the fourth slot with Xingqiu.

That’s everything you need to know about building Sayu in Genshin Impact. Check out more of our build guides below:

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