LilyPichu reveals how she became Sayu’s voice actor in Genshin Impact

Twitch streamer LilyPichu next to Genshin Impact character SayuInstagram: @lilypichu / miHoYo

Twitch streamer LilyPichu opened up about how she landed her voice acting role in miHoYo’s Genshin Impact. The OfflineTV star revealed the process behind voicing Sayu in the popular gacha game. 

When Sayu made her debut in the Tapestry of Flames banner, Genshin Impact players were surprised when it was revealed that the adorable Mujina Ninja is voiced by popular Twitch streamer Lily ‘LilyPichu‘ Ki.

During the October 15 OfflineTV podcast, the 29-year-old opened up to host Jeremy ‘Disguised Toast’ Wang about how she came to work on the popular free-to-play title.

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Genshin Impact character Sayu posing screenshotmiHoYo
The 4-star character is voiced by Twitch streamer LilyPichu.

LilyPichu reveals Genshin Impact hiring process

According to the streamer, miHoYo didn’t reach out to her for the job because of her popularity on Twitch. Instead, LilyPichu scored the voice-acting gig after auditioning for it. “You just get auditions. And I was like, okay, I’ll audition for this one. I freelance for Atlus right now. They sometimes give me auditions and Genshin was one of those,” she explained.

When asked if the developer knew about her career as a streamer she said, “N0, it’s not LilyPichu they contact. They just send the audition call out to people. So I’m like one of many people. So I got it and I’m like, ‘ah [Sayu] looks so cute, I’ll do it.’ Then I got the callback and I was like ‘Oh my God, this is so exciting!'”

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Unlike past acting gigs, Lily revealed that she got the role right away: “Sometimes there are audition rounds. But for this one, they just said “no, you got it,” and I’m like ‘WOW I did it!’ …The casting director is the one who picks it. So they’ll listen to every single audition and they’ll pick the one they like the best.”

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During the hour-long podcast, LilyPichu also revealed that Genshin Impact voice actors have their own private Discord. “Genshin voice actors have a Discord server and they schedule monthly Among Us and stuff. And when I got casted, I was invited. And I was like, ‘Oh my God, this is so exciting! I’m a part of the cool kids club at the cafeteria.'”

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Hilariously, the Twitch star said her explosion in popularity playing the multiplayer had the group thinking she was really good at it. “Really cool because I play the game, and I got to meet like all people who voice the characters. They are all very funny, nice and lively. They all thought I was a god at Among Us, but I don’t know why.”

As far as who was the best Among Us player out of the Genshin Impact voice actors group? “Actually, Venti’s voice actor, Erika Harlacher, I remember impressed me. She’s actually really f**king good,” she said.

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