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How to claim Fortnite PS Plus Celebration Pack for free

Published: 13/Dec/2019 19:46

by Eli Becht


Just in time to celebrate the holiday season, Epic Games and Sony have teamed up for yet another PS Plus Celebration Pack, this one containing the Trilogy outfit and Reliant Blue back bling, and it’s available free of charge.

PS4 players once again have access to another round of exclusive skins with the PS Plus Celebration Pack. This new pack is available to all players with an active subscription to PS Plus.

While most players who play online on the PS4 have a sub, it’s actually not required to play Fortnite so this will be an added bonus to all subscribers.


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In order to claim your free pack, you’ll have to navigate to the PSN Store and find its listing. Once you do that, all you have to do is purchase it for free, and it should show up in your Fortnite locker the next time you boot up the game.

Although this is a PS Plus exclusive offer, you’re still able to wear this skin on other platforms. In order to do this, you’ll have to have your Fortnite account linked to your PS4 one. Since Fortnite is completely cross-play with other platforms, any cosmetic you claim on your console will be in your locker on every platform you’re linked to.


Of course, you’ll still need an active PS Plus account to claim the bundle, which would really only be worth it if you own a PS4. If you’re grabbing a subscription just for this skin pack, then you’re probably a very dedicated Fortnite fan.


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PS4 players have been frequently rewarded a celebration pack, and even if it’s not a whole lot that’s being given away, it’s hard to deny free things. This particular bundle includes just the Trilogy outfit and the Reliant Blue back bling.

Other platforms have had their exclusive skins, but they were parts of bundles with a new graphics card, Nintendo Switch, or Xbox One. Obviously, that’s a pretty expensive hurdle to get over if you’re just trying to get your hands on some new cosmetics.


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PS4 has been the only platform where free skins are offered without the purchase of a new product altogether, which is definitely a cause for celebration.

These PS Plus bundles don’t stick around forever so make sure you grab it before it disappears for good.