Old Fortnite player baffled after being rewarded rare skins years later

Josh Taylor
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One Fortnite player returned to the game after years of not playing and to their surprise was given a whole heap of rare classic skins and cosmetics completely free.

Fortnite has come back in a major way by adding a whole heap of original chapter 1 content through their Season OG update on November 3, 2023.

With record breaking amounts of new and returning players dropping into the Battle Royale island, players have been loving the nostalgic trip back to the game’s roots.

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Despite Epic Games announcing Season OG is finally coming to a close with its music-themed The Big Bang in-game event, players have still been flooding in to reminisce in the nostalgia.

One player in particular has been left shocked after they logged into their Fortnite account following years of not playing to discover Epic Games has rewarded them various classic rare skins and cosmetics.

OG Fortnite player returns after years to discover rare skins

Old Fortnite player Reginof99 took to Reddit with their suprising discovery, as they showed that they had been rewarded several cosmetics items.

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“Logged in to Fortnite after years and received these. Is it a bug or were they given to everyone who didn’t manage to unlock the styles in time?” Reginof99 posted.

The rewards contained various classic Chapter 1 skins, styles and pickaxes that were given to the player free of charge, such as the iconic Lynx Stage 3 outfit style, which was part of Season 7’s Battle Pass.

One commented: “Bro opened a time capsule,” as the player responded: “Yeah basically, I haven’t touched fortnite in almost 4 years!”

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“Came from OG fortnite straight to new OG fortnite like nothing happened in between,” a player said, as the author explained further: “I stopped playing during Season 7 (Chapter 1), right after Call of Duty Black Ops 4 came out.”

Many tried to provide the reasoning behind the cosmetics being gifted so long after, especially as the player revealed they had never unlocked them originally.

“Probably was granted to your account when XP changed with Chapter 2. XP was way different back in Chapter 1,” one suggested, as other old returning players revealed they too had been rewarded classic skins.

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Fortnite Season OG is finally coming to an end as the game heads into Chapter 5 with the upcoming The Big Bang live event and three Eminem skins.

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