How to get Coldest Circles Quest Pack in Fortnite & unlock free skin

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Fortnite Coldest Circles Quest Pack

This summer, Fortnite players may claim a free cosmetic bundle from Epic Games, which includes a pickaxe, a back bling, a weapon wrap, and an impressive skin. However, you may only access them after completing specific in-game quests.

Epic Games is well-known for providing free cosmetics to users who choose to play Fortnite without ever spending a dime. However, players rarely acquire cosmetic items outside of the free seasonal Battle Pass cosmetics at no cost at all.

As part of the Summer Sale happening right now in the Epic Games Store, all Fortnite players can get their hands on a free cosmetics pack from their own platforms. Four cosmetic items make up the Coldest Circles Quest Pack, which is unlocked once a series of quests have been completed.

But the Underworld Desdemona skin is the hardest one to obtain in the bundle and is one of the most impressive items in the pack.

Fortnite Coldest Circles Quest pack in the Shop
The free quest pack can be redeemed from the Item Shop or Epic Games Store

How to get Coldest Circles Quest Pack in Fortnite

To obtain the Coldest Circles Quest Pack in Fortnite for free, all you have to do is visit the Fortnite Item Shop listing for the pack, where you’ll see a price of $0.00, and click the Purchase button.

The bundle is also available for purchase on the following digital distribution services:

You have until June 15, 2023, at 11 AM ET to purchase the bundle on your preferred platform, and once bought, you may immediately redeem it by logging in to Fortnite.

When you do so, four quests will become available that must be completed before the bundle’s contents may be accessed.

Fortnite Underworld Desdemona Skin
Players can unlock the free skin upon completing quests

How to get unlock Underworld Desdemona skin in Fortnite

The final reward on the Coldest Circles Quest Pack is the Underworld Desdemona skin which looks stunning and is a worthy addition to your locker. However, to unlock the skin, you must complete the following quests that will each reward you with a free cosmetic item from the pack.

Quest Reward
Earn 5 Account LevelsCold Furia Pickaxe
Earn 20 Account LevelsFrozen Over Weapon Wrap
Earn 35 Account LevelsFrozen Oculara Back Bling
Earn 50 Account LevelsUnderworld Desdemona Outfit

All you need to do to get the above rewards is earn Account Levels which simply means leveling up across your account using XP. As long as you keep leveling up, your progress will be tracked on the Coldest Circles Quests on the Quests Tab in the game.

Once you have gained 50 levels, you will receive the Underworld Desdemona skin for free and all the prerequisite rewards in the bundle. However, these quests expire at 11 AM ET on August 8, 2023.

While the current season is almost coming to an end, players can also roll over their progress with these quests to the next season and try to unlock all the cosmetics then. However, your current account level will reset as soon as the new season begins due to the arrival of a new Battle Pass.

That’s everything you need to know about the Coldest Circles Quest pack and the Underworld Desdemona skin you can get for free!

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