Fortnite Chica ICON Series skin revealed and Ninja is loving it

Popular Twitch streamer Maria ‘Chica’ Lopez has finally had her Fortnite ICON Series skin revealed and Tyler ‘Ninja’ Blevins quickly chimed in to celebrate the big moment.

Ninja is undoubtedly one of the biggest names on Twitch, streaming games such as Apex Legends, League of Legends, and most notably, Fortnite.

To celebrate fellow Fortnite star, Chica, having her new ICON Series skin added to the game, Blevins has been using the flashy new skin alongside his ICON Series fit on stream.

For those who haven’t seen Chica’s new ICON Series skin, it’s quite flashy.

Fortnite Chica ICON Series skin revealed

As seen in a reveal trailer shared by Chica on Twitter, the Prismatic Streak Style skin incorporates a stylish black trenchcoat complete with a flashy rainbow design that appears to animate while using emotes.

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Chica ICON Series skin styles

Chica’s ICON Series skin has five different styles, which include:

  • Prismatic Streak Style
  • Default Style
  • Royale Streak Style
  • Shades Style
  • Hunter Mask Style

Additionally, players will receive the included Chica’s Star Back Bling, in either a classic red, white, and blue style or the Royale Streak alternate Style featuring a neon rainbow color scheme.

Shortly following Chica’s announcement tweet, Ninja replied saying: “Using this all day” to show his support for another creator joining the ever-growing ICON series members.

For those who may not know, Ninja was the first creator to have an ICON Series skin added to Fortnite back in January, 2020.

Fortnite Icon Series skinsEpic Games
Some of Fortnite’s ICON Series Skins.

Since Ninja’s ICON Series skin was introduced, plenty of pro players and streamers – from Lazarbeam to TheGrefg – have been inducted into the ICON Series.

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Even mainstream celebrities have had their own exclusive outfits added, including musician Ariana Grande in August, 2021.

Now, Chica is finally being added to that star-studded lineup as well. Chica has steadily grown into one of Twitch’s biggest streamers and is well-known for being a bi-lingual streamer.

When is Chica’s ICON Series skin coming out?

Those interested in purchasing Chica’s ICON Series skin won’t have to wait long, as the skin is coming to Fortnite’s Item Shop starting Saturday, May 7 at 8 PM ET.

How to get Chica’s ICON Series skin

On top of that, those who want a chance at snagging Chica’s Outfit and Back Bling can do so by competing in the Chica Cup on Thursday, May 5.

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Players can also unlock the Chica-themed Pollito Spray via Twitch drops by watching Fortnite streamers from May 6 to May 8.

Chica’s Fun Run creative Island Code

Fortnite is also adding a special Creative Island, made by KyberCreative, called Chica’s Fun Run. The Creative Island is an obstacle course that players can access using the Island Code: 8432-7199-6378.