How many skins are in Fortnite in 2023?

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Wondering how many Fortnite skins there are in 2023? If it seems like there are hundreds to choose from, that’s because there are! We’ve got the latest figures right here.

Fortnite has gained a reputation for having some of the best skins in gaming, with players able to dress up as Marvel superheroes, movie stars, sports champions, and even pop singers like Ariana Grande and The Kid LAROI.

With new skins being released every month, from high-profile crossovers to original characters and fresh spins on existing skins like Shadow Midas or Toon Peely, the number is always increasing.

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Below, you’ll find up-to-date figures to answer the question: How many skins are in Fortnite in 2023?

fortnite skinsEpic Games

How many Fortnite skins are there in 2023?

There have been approximately 1,572 skins released in Fortnite as of May 2023.

This number includes skins from loads of different categories including Battle Pass skins, Item Shop skins, and Crew Pack skins, as well as any skins that could be unlocked for free during special events.

Many of these skins were only available to unlock during a specific season, while others haven’t been seen in the Item Shop for years, so the chances are you’ll never be able to see them all in the game.

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Of course, this figure will most likely increase over the next few months as more skins and big-name collaborations are released, so we’ll keep this page updated to stay on top of the latest figures.

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