How to make the Brilliant Blue Potion in Disney Dreamlight Valley

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How to make Brilliant Blue Potion in DDV

Disney Dreamlight Valley has unveiled various new features in its fifth major update — like the Brilliant Blue Potion. Here’s how to craft the item.

Recently, Disney Dreamlight Valley launched Update 5 — The Remembering — alongside several bug fixes and additional content. The extensive patch included the arrival of Cinderella’s Fairy Godmother and the continuation of the main questline.

Additionally, the Disney/Pixar-themed sandbox game introduced customizable furniture and dressable mannequins. DDV also added more mysteries surrounding the different colored Potatoes located across the Valley.

You’ll need to find the Blue Potato to make the Brilliant Blue Potion. Here’s where to find it in addition to the other required materials.

How to find the Brilliant Blue Potion ingredients in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Disney Dreamlight Valley The Dark Castle

Here are the ingredients you’ll need to craft the Brilliant Blue Potion:

  • Blue Potato
  • Blue Shell
  • Blue Book
  • Blue Starfish
  • Blue Gem

You can find the Blue Potato at Ursula’s House in the Valley. It’s on the ground next to her shell throne.

Travel to Moana’s Realm to locate the Blue Shell. Walk to the right from the warp point until you see a blue seashell. You must solve an invisible maze before you can pick up the item.

Enter Dazzle Beach’s Mystical Cave to discover the Blue Book. It’s at the bottom of the cave beside the tiny pond to the left. Walk across the rocks to collect the Blue Book.

The Blue Starfish is located in Ariel’s Realm — which you can reach by sailing on Dazzle Beach’s raft. Once on the island, walk toward the left for another invisible maze — like in Moana’s Realm. After completing the puzzle, you’ll find the Blue Starfish next to a cliff.

Finally, head to Sunlit Plateau’s Vitalys Mine for the Blue Gem. After entering the mine, turn left, then turn right, and walk until you see a minecart filled with boulders. Keep going forward and go straight at a crossroads. Go past the pink mushrooms and immediately go right.

Glance to your left after finding the broken minecart rail. The Blue Gem is next to a thorn.

How to craft the Brilliant Blue Potion in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Now that you have the five required ingredients, go back to the pink mushrooms. Next, walk to the right until you discover a pond with two minecarts. You must then interact with a glowing area in the pond to craft the Brilliant Blue Potion.

And just like that, you have solved another Potato mystery. Check out our other Disney Dreamlight Valley coverage for more guides on The Remembering.

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