Disney Dreamlight Valley introduces customizable furniture in next update

Cassidy Stephenson
Disney Dreamlight Valley festival of foolishness

Disney Dreamlight Valley has announced that the game’s next update will feature customizable furniture.

In recent weeks, Disney Dreamlight Valley players have enjoyed all the Pride of the Valley update has to offer. The Lion King-themed patch has brought Simba and Nala to the Valley and recipes like Dream Ice Cream and Sweet Udon.

To cook the aforementioned recipes, users must collect Dreamlight Fruit. Dreamlight Fruit is another new ingredient from the Pride of the Valley update.

Despite Pride of the Valley launching in early April, Dreamlight Valley players are already anticipating Update 5. Now, the Disney/Pixar-based game has just revealed a requested feature for the next patch – customizable furniture.

Disney Dreamlight Valley hints at customizable furniture

Simba and Nala Disney Dreamlight Valley

On Twitter, Disney Dreamlight Valley announced that Update 5 would include a “brand new way to flex your design chops.” The game attached a short clip featuring a plain bed that transformed into different designs.

In the video, the featured bedsheets were island, space, and dog-themed. However, how much creative freedom players will receive with the available designs is unclear. Although many people already use the Magic Touch tool to create in-game outfits with different motifs and colors.

Customizable furniture is far from the only feature Disney Dreamlight Valley has unveiled for Update 5. Recently, the title revealed dressable mannequins for players to display their favorite outfits and accessories. They also declared that you could eventually use an umbrella to avoid the in-game rain.

As for upcoming Star Paths, a recent survey asked users what topics they would prefer. The range of options included Disney Channel Originals and the Nightmare Before Christmas.

Besides new items, the pumpkin house in the Forgotten Lands has fans believing Cinderella could arrive soon. However, Dreamlight Valley has not confirmed the Princess’s potential debut. Until then, players should keep leveling up their friendship with Simba and Nala for more quests.