Horrifying Baldur’s Gate 3 glitch has Kar’niss “living a nightmare”

Ethan Dean
Baldur's Gate 3 Drider Hypnotising Player CharacterLarian Studios

A hellish Baldur’s Gate 3 glitch has caused one poor NPC into endless suffering, a time-loop of death (saving throws) and revival.

Baldur’s Gate 3 has been lauded as a near-perfect experience that has “ruined gaming” for players with its scope and scale. It’s not immune to bugs and glitches, however.

We’ve seen some doozies as well, like game-breaking errors that lock you out of quest lines. Others are a little better because they increase the game’s fun with access to forbidden love triangles.

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This latest one discovered by Reddit user u/kristin137 falls somewhere in the middle. It could be darkly funny depending on your perspective, or it could make a tragic character’s life that much worse.

U/kristin137 explains that poor Kar’niss, already forced to live life as a Drowder, is now trapped in an endless cycle of pain thanks to a glitch in their game. This new hell for Kar’niss is the result of the Shadow Curse.

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After battling Kar’niss in the Shadow Cursed Land, u/kristin137 noticed the strange aftermath. “for some reason instead of him actually dying after the fight, he healed himself,” they explained.

Unfortunately for Kar’niss, he immediately took 50 damage from the Shadow Curse, then he healed himself and immediately took another 50 damage. On and on the cycle goes and according to u/kristin137, he’s still going.

Players in the comments seem to have found the funny side in all of this though. “It’s what Lolth would have wanted,” one explained. If we know anything about the Drow goddess that created this abomination in the first place, we’re sure they’re right.

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Baldur's Gate 3 Kar'niss close upLarian Studios
Look at this guy. Hasn’t he suffered enough?

Users in the comments have suggested that u/kristin137 use the Moon Lantern they stole from Kar’niss to heal his Shadow Curse and save him from this madness. There’s been no report back on whether this works as of yet.

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