Polite Society: Release date, trailer, cast, plot, & more

Priya Kansara is Ria in Polite Society.Universal Pictures

Polite Society is a high-concept action movie that’s about to hit screens worldwide. Here’s everything we know about the movie, from release date and trailer, to cast, plot, and more.

This year has been filled with action movies, thanks to the likes of 65, Ghosted, John Wick: Chapter 4, and Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania.

But all those movies have revolved around white protagonists. A new British film is changing things up however, with Polite Society an action flick that focusses on South Asian characters.

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Here’s everything we know about the movie, from release date and trailer, to cast and plot.

Polite Society release date: When’s it out

Polite Society is released on April 27, 2023. Meaning it’s in UK and US cinemas from tomorrow.

That’s a decade after writer-director Nida Manzoor first had the idea for the movie. “It’s been a long road but I have now been able to make the feature film of my dreams,” Manzoor says in the film’s official production notes.

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“I wanted to make this film for many reasons, but predominantly so I could see a South Asian teenage girl as an action hero” Manzoor explains. “I grew up loving the spectacle of action movies but feeling extremely left out, so this film is for my teenage self.

“South Asian characters are often relegated to shop owners and terrorists, token friends to white leads. It meant everything to me to center the film around a South Asian girl, who is flawed and funny and kicks ass.”

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Polite Society trailer

The trailer for Polite Society is online, and can be viewed below.

The footage features lots of action, which informs the narrative, as Nida Manzoor explains: “The action in the film really represents what it feels like to be a teenage girl and how it can feel too painful and violent when you’re having fights at school or when you’re fighting with your sister. It has a visceral feeling. We wanted to show that with our fight sequences.”

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Polite Society cast: Who’s in it?

This is the main cast of Polite Society, as well as the characters they play.

  • Priya Kansara is Ria
  • Rita Arya is Lena
  • Nimra Bucha is Raheela
  • Akshay Khanna as Salim
  • Jeff Mirza is Rafe
  • Ella Bruccoleri as Alba
  • Seraphina Beh is Clara
  • Shona Babayemi is Kovacs
  • Shobu Kapoor is Fatima

Polite Society plot: What’s it about?

Here’s the official synopsis for Polite Society…

Polite Society follows Ria Khan, a bolshy schoolgirl and martial artist-in-training who dreams of becoming a world-renowned stunt woman. When Ria witnesses her big sister Lena give up on her dreams by dropping out of art school and getting engaged, Ria’s world is shaken.

She believes she must save her sister from the shackles of marriage in the only way she knows how, by enlisting the help of her friends and attempting to pull off the most ambitious of all wedding heists in the name of freedom and sisterhood.

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