Where to find Digipicks in Starfield

Digipick in StarfieldBethesda

Picking locks in Starfield is a great way to get some new gear and credits but you’ll want to have enough Digipacks in your inventory to do so. Here’s where you can find Digipacks in the game and how much they cost to purchase.

Lockpicking has been a staple of RPG games for decades and has been a core mechanic in nearly every Bethesda since The Elder Scrolls: Arena. But while the lockpicking minigame has undergone many changes over the years, one aspect has remained the same: you’re going to need a bunch of lockpicks.

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In Starfield, lockpicks are known as Digipicks. And if you’re struggling to find more, here’s where you should be able to get them.

Where to get Digipicks in Starfield

Just like any other item in the game, Digipicks can be found in all sorts of different locations in Starfield. The best places to find Digipicks in the game are:

  • Vendors
  • Pickpocketing
  • Inside containers
  • Near locked boxes

If you’re going to buy Digipicks from vendors, make sure you have enough credits. They’re found in the Misc section of the vendor’s inventory and can be bought for 35 credits each. If you want to find some Digipicks quite early on, head to New Atlantis on the planet Jemison. You can find a few vendors there selling Digipicks.

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There are some locations where getting into a locked box is part of a quest puzzle, and so usually you can find a bunch of Digipicks sitting around nearby, which is very handy.

And those are the best places to find Digipicks in Starfield. Be sure to check out our other regular Starfield guides if you’re starting your adventure across the stars.

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