Pokemon Scarlet & Violet Elite Four guide: How to become a Champion of Paldea

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Continuing the tradition of the past eight generations, Pokemon Scarlet & Violet allows players to take on the Elite Four and Champion of Paldea to earn their Champion status. Here is how to defeat them.

While Pokemon Scarlet & Violet offers players three storylines to follow and complete in any order, the Victory Road questline leads to the traditional Pokemon endgame. After defeating eight Gyms, trainers can take on the Elite Four and the region Champion.

If you’re struggling to find your way in Paldea, check out our Gym order guide, which shows the correct level order of taking on all three story paths simultaneously.

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Once you’re at the Pokemon League, players must take a verbal test before stepping into the ring with the first member of the Elite Four. From here on, there’s no going back. Players will have to endure five battles in a row, but they can save and heal their Pokemon in between each one. And unlike previous games, you can only battle the Elite Four once.

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet Elite Four strategy guide

Rika – Ground-type Elite Four member

Rika, a character you will have met a few times while taking on Gyms, is the first member of the Elite Four. He specializes in Ground-type Pokemon, so counter them with Grass, Ice, or Water.

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You can check out our Pokemon Scarlet & Violet Type chart guide to efficiently strategize against your opponents.

ColdsireGround (Tera Type)58

Poppy – Steel-type Elite Four member

Poppy may looks like an unassuming child, but her Steel-type Pokemon pack a considerable punch. To counter these metal monsters, come equipped with Fire, Fighting, or Ground-type moves.

TinkatonSteel (Tera Type)59

Larry – Flying-type Elite Four member

Larry returns in the Elite Four as a Flying-type trainer, significantly contrasting his affinity for Normal-type Pokemon earlier in Scarlet & Violet. Regardless, players who have Rock, Ice, or Electric-type moves at their disposal shouldn’t have any issues defeating Larry a second time.

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FlamigoFlying (Tera Type)60

Hassel – Dragon-type Elite Four member

Hassle is yet another character players have met before, and he is the final member of the Elite Four. However, his Dragon-type team can be tough to deal with, so make sure to have Dragon-type moves of your own along with some Fairy-type moves.

BaxcaliburDragon (Tera Type)61

How to defeat the Paldea Pokemon Champion Greeta

Like many Champions before Greeta, she has a powerful team of varying types. They are also at a higher level than the Elite Four, so the fights leading up to Greeta might have seemed a bit easier than the Champion herself.

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Knowing this, it’s imperative that trainers use the chart below to plan counters for each one of Greeta’s Pokemon. It’s also important to note that Greeta has six Pokemon in her team compared to the other Elite Four members that only used five.

EspathraPsychic61Bug, Ghost, & Dark
GogoatGrass61Fire, Ice, Poison, Flying, & Bug
VeluzaWater/Psychic61Bug, Ghost, Grass, Electric, & Dark
AvaluggIce61Fire, Fighting, Rock, & Steel
KingambitDark/Steel61Fighting, Ground, & Fire
GlimmoraRock (Tera Type)62Fighting, Grass, Ground, Steel, & Water

Once Greeta is defeated – and her Glimmora helplessly activates Toxic Debris – the player will be crowned Champion of Paldea and can end the Victory Road storyline by taking on Nemona at the Academy.

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And that’s all there is to know about the Elite Four in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet. Those looking to find out more about Pokemon Scarlet & Violet can check out our other guides below:

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