How to find and catch Galarian Weezing in Pokemon Go

galar weezing poke go guideNiantic

Weezing received a new form with the release of Sword and Shield back in 2019. Now, players have been hunting for this new Pokemon in the mobile title Pokemon Go. 

Sword and Shield was the last main series Pokemon game to release worldwide, and with this new Generation also came the addition of multiple new Galar forms. Similar to the Alolan forms we saw during Gen VII, these new Pokemon received cosmetic makeovers and a few new additions.

Weezing was one to receive a Galar form, and the consensus among fans is that it is an improvement on its base form originally introduced during Gen I. Now, if you are looking to find and catch this Pokemon within Go, you have come to the right place.

weezing go guideNiantic
Galarian Weezing has smokestacks coming out of its head

Is Galarian Weezing in Pokemon Go?

Yes, beginning in November 2019, Niantic started implementing Galar region Pokemon into their mobile game. While on the flip side, there are no shiny Pokemon from the Galar region currently in Pokemon Go.

Weezing was one of the first Pokemon we saw make the jump into Go, as the beloved Kanto region, Pokemon has an amazing new form that players are on the hunt for.

How to catch and find Galarian Weezing in Go

Back on November 15th, 2019 in the following days after Sword and Shield’s release, Niantic posted a blog detailing some new content coming into their game.

weezingThe Pokemon Company
Weezing has a new look within the Galar region

One of the keynotes from this blog post was that Galarian Weezing would be implemented into the game as a part of four-star raid battles after the conclusion of the November 2019 Community Day.

So for around a year and a half now Galarian Weezing can be found in these raid battles, and if you are looking to find and catch one of these Pokemon then this is where you are going to have to go.

Galarian Weezing weakness and counters

Now that you know where to find and catch Weezing, the next step is going to be trying to defeat it within one of these raid battles. If you are preparing to head into battle, it is good to know that Galarian Weezing has a new dual-typing of Fairy/Poison.

So, this means it is weak to the following move types:

  • Steel
  • Ground
  • Psychic

If you are looking for the best counters during Weezing’s raid battle, we recommend the following tactics.

Pokemon Fast Move Charge Move Sprite
Metagross Bullet Punch Meteor Mash
Mewtwo Confusion Psystrike
Excadrill Metal Claw Magnet Bomb
Jirachi Confusion Doom Desire
Dialga  Metal Claw Iron Head
Rhyperior Mud Slap Earthquake

Galarian Weezing best moveset in Pokemon Go

If you have obtained one of these Pokemon, then it is a good time to run over some moves you should be running.

  • Fast Move – Tackle
  • Charge Move – Sludge Bomb or Play Rough

Galarian Weezing is one of the most unique Pokemon within Go, and it is no wonder why so many players are constantly are on the hunt for one!