How to get winter clothes early in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

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Zelda warm clothes Tears of the Kingdom

Winter clothes are vital in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom and will help you explore colder areas of the map without the fear of impending death. So, here’s how to get winter clothes early in Tears of the Kingdom.

The cold is a dangerous foe in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom and, without the help of some handy recipes, warm clothes, or a well-placed fire, Link can quickly succumb to the weather around him. So, with that being a hindrance as soon as you get into the game, many are looking for warm clothes as soon as possible.

Thankfully, there’s actually an item of winter clothing relatively early in the game that’ll help Link stand the cold a little better. So, here’s how to find it and get hold of some key clothes for poor freezing Link.

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How to get warm clothes early in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

Archaic Warm Greaves Tears of the Kingdom

You’ll be able to find warm clothes for Link inside the initial tutorial area, just by the initial Gutanbac shrine that teaches you the Ascend ability.

Once you’ve completed the Gutanback Shrine, head to the giant tree stump located next to the structure and you should see a platform. Use your newfound Ascend ability to head up that platform and you’ll spot a small treasure chest.

Inside that chest will be the first warm clothes you can find in Tears of the Kingdom, Archaic Warm Greaves. While they’ll form a useful element of protection, you’ll still want to get hold of more as soon as possible.

So, now you have warm clothes for Link it’s time to traverse through the beautiful region of Hyrule and beyond. While looking for more clothes, take a look at some of our other handy Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom guides and content:

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