Zelda: Tears of The Kingdom recipe list – All recipes so far & how to make

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The ability to cook is a returning feature in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of The Kingdom, and here’s a handy hub with all the recipes we’ve found so far in the game and guides on how to cook them.

Nintendo is back with its flagship game, a direct sequel to Breath of the Wild, via Zelda: Tears of The Kingdom. While the sequel features many improvements, it also features some returning elements from the last game.

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One of these returning features is the ability to cook, and fortunately, Tears of The Kingdom allows you to remember recipes, unlike Breath of the Wild. Cooking food helps restore Link‘s HP and can even give him various buffs. You can find many collectible food items in the game, and remembering all the recipes can be tricky. So, we have listed some of the Tears of the Kingdom recipes along with the ways to cook them.

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Zelda recipes have many perks like boosts, elemental resistance, HP restoration, to name a few.

How to cook food in Zelda: Tears of The Kingdom?

There are two ways to cook food in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom – either by roasting food over a fire or cooking food in a pot.

You’ll find roasting food over a fire is more common during the early phases of the game. To do that, all you need is to hold or drop the food close to a fire, wait for some time, and your food will be ready to consume. However, using this process to cook recipes won’t suffice.

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The cooking pot and Portable Pot allow you to cook all the recipes in Zelda: Tears of The Kingdom. They can be found scattered all over the world. The Portable Pot is for one-time use only and saves you time when you’re in dire need to cook a recipe.

Speaking of recipes, we’ve listed them in the table below.

Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom recipe list

Here’s a rundown of recipes (with ingredients and purpose) you can find in Tears of the Kingdom:

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Baked Apple1x AppleRestores Heart
Buttered Stambulb1x Stambulb, 1x Goat ButterRestores 1 Heart
Chilly Elixir1x Blue Butterfly, 1x Monster PartGives Heat Resistance
Cooked StambulbAny number of StambulbsRestores 1 Heart and 0.25 Stamina
Copious Mushroom SkewersCook 4x different MushroomsRestores 4 Hearts
Crab Omelet with RiceBird Eggs, 1x Crab, 1x Hylian Rice, 1x Rock SaltRestores 6 Hearts
Cream of Mushroom Soup1x Fresh Milk, Hylian Mushrooms, 1x Rock Salt, VegetablesRestores 6 Hearts
Crunchy Fried RiceBird Eggs, 1x Meat, 1x Oil Jar, 1x Tabantha WheatRestores 6 Hearts
Dark Rice Ball1x Dark Clump, 1x RiceGives Gloom Resistance
Dubious Food1x Acorn, 1x Stambulb with 3x White Chuchu JelliesRestores 1 Heart
Electro Elixir1x Chuchu Jelly, 1x Dragonfly, 1x Green ButterflyGives Electric Resistance
Enduring Elixir1x Blue Bokoblin Horn, 1x Hot-Footed FrogRestores Stamina
Energizing Elixir2x Crickets, 1x Chuchu jellyRestores Stamina
Energizing Mushroom Skewer2x Skyshrooms, 2x Stambulbs, 1x Stamela ShroomRestores Hearts and Stamina
Fireproof Elixir1x Fireproof Lizard, 1x Monster PartGives Fire Resistance
Fish Skewer1x Fish (any)Restores 2 Hearts
Fish and Mushroom SkewerBright-Eyed Crabs and MushroomsRestores 7 Hearts
Fish Pie1x Goat Butter, 1x Meat, 1x Rock Salt, 1x Tabantha WheatRestores 4 Hearts
Fried Wild GreensChickaloo Tree Nuts and Hyrule HerbsRestores 5.5 Hearts
Fruitcake1x Cane Sugar, Fruits, 1x Tabantha WheatRestores 7 Hearts
Fruit Pie1x Cane Sugar, 1x Goat Butter, any Fruit (except Apple), 1x Tabantha WheatRestores 4 Hearts
Glazed Meat1x Courser Bee Honey, 1x MeatRestores 6 Hearts
Glazed Mushroom1x Courser Bee Honey, Hylian MushroomsRestores 5 Hearts
Glazed Seafood1x Courser Bee Honey, 1x Fish (any)Restores 6 Hearts
Glazed Veggies1x Courser Bee Honey, 1x Herb (any)Restores 6 Hearts
Hasty Elixir1x Hot-Footed Frog, 1x Monster PartRestores Speed
Hearty Elixir1x Hearty Lizard, 1x Monster PartRestores Full Health + Extra Hearts (temporary)
Honey CandyCook Courser Bee HoneyRestores 2 Hearts and Stamina
Honey Crepe1x Bird Egg, 1x Cane Sugar, 1x Courser Bee Honey, 1x Fresh Milk, 1x Tabantha WheatRestores 10 Hearts
Honeyed Apple1x Honeycomb and fruitsRestores 7 Hearts
Meat Skewer1x Meat, 1x FruitRestores Hearts
Meat and Mushroom Skewer1x Meat and MushroomsRestores Hearts
Meat Pie1x Goat Butter, 1x Meat, 1x Rock Salt, 1x Tabantha WheatRestores 4 Hearts
Nutcake1x Cane Sugar, 1x Chickaloo Tree Nut, 1x Goat Butter, 1x Tabantha WheatRestores 3 Hearts
Omelet1x Bird EggRestores Hearts
Pepper Seafood1x Seafood, 1x Spicy PepperGives Cold Resistance
Poultry Curry1x Goron Spice, 1x Hylian Rice, 1x Raw Bird DrumsticksRestores 4 Hearts
Pumpkin Stew1x Fortified Pumpkin, 1x Fresh Milk, 1x Tabantha WheatRestores 4 Hearts and Defense
Rapid Simmered Food5x Splash FruitRestores 2.5 Hearts + 10 minute Swim Speed Boost
Salt-Grilled Fish1x Fish, Rock SaltRestores 2 Hearts
Salt-Grilled Gourmet Meat1x Raw Gourmet Meat, Rock SaltRestores 6 Hearts
Salt-Grilled Prime Meat1x Raw Bird Thigh, Rock SaltRestores 3 Hearts
Sauteed NutsChickaloo Tree NutsRestores 0.5 Heart
Scorching Fruit and Mushroom Mix1x Skyshroom and Fire FruitsRestores 2.5 Hearts + 4 minute Heat Resistance + Minor Attack Boost
Scorching Meat and Seafood FryBird Meat, Fire Fruit, Fish, Korok FrondRestores 5.5 Hearts
Seafood Rice Balls1x Fish, Hylian RiceRestores Hearts
Seafood Skewer1x Crab or 1x SnailRestores Hearts
Seared SteakRoast Raw Meat near a fireRestores 1.5 Hearts
Snail Chowder1x Fresh Milk, 1x Goat Butter, Snails, 1x Tabantha WheatRestores 5 Hearts
Spicy Elixir1x Monster Part, 1x Red ButterflyCold Resistance
Spicy Fruit and Mushroom MixMix Hylian Shrooms and Spicy PepperRestores 5 Hearts + 6 minutes 30 seconds Cold Resistance
Spicy Pepper Steak3x Spicy Peppers, 2x Steaks4x Spicy Peppers, 1x Steak (Enhanced Cold Resistance)Restores 7 Hearts + 8 minutes 30 seconds Cold Resistance
Spicy Sauteed Peppers5x Spicy PeppersRestores 5 Hearts + 12 minutes 30 seconds Cold Resistance
Steamed Fish1x Fish (any), HerbsRestores 4 Hearts
Steamed Meat2x Fowl, 3x Hyrule HerbRestores 5 Hearts
Sunny Fried Wild GreensChikaloo Tree Nuts and SundelionsRestores 1.5 Heart
Toasty RushroomRoast 1x RushroomRestores Heart
Toasty SkyshroomRoast 1x SkyshroomRestores 0.5 Heart
Tough Steamed MushroomsMushroomsRestores 1 Heart + 8 minutes 30 seconds Defense Boost
Wheat Bread1x Rock Salt, 1x Tabantha WheatRestores 2 Hearts
Wildberry CrepeBird Eggs, 1x Cane Sugar, 1x Fresh Milk, 1x Tabantha Wheat, 1x WildberryRestores 10 Hearts

Remember, you need to cook these meals once to learn the recipes. You can always mix and match or substitute certain food items to discover different recipes as there are plenty of them in the game.

Link on a Sky Island in Tears of the KingdomNintendo
Every recipe either restores some amount of HP or stamina.

How many types of recipes are there in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom?

There are four types of Recipes in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. These are categorized into the following:

  • Cooked Recipes
  • Elixir Recipes
  • Frozen Recipes
  • Roasted Recipes

Each of these recipes unlocks different buffs apart from restoring HP. Some of these buffs include defense, stamina, and swim boosts along with resistance from cold and heat.

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So, there you have it — that’s everything about recipes and how to cook them in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. If you want to know even more about the game, we have plenty of other guides for you right here:

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