How to get Zelda’s golden horse in Tears of the Kingdom

James Busby
Link standing next to Zelda's golden horse

The golden horse is a one-of-a-kind noble steed in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. If you’re looking to saddle this beast up, our guide will give you the ultimate ticket to procuring Zelda’s shiny companion in the game.

The golden horse, which symbolizes Zelda’s royal lineage, is found within a secluded area in the game. But it’s not simple, you must traverse the game’s challenging terrain and elude the ever-present threats of Bokoblins and bosses to reach this exceptional ally in Tears of the Kingdom.

Grabbing the reins of Zelda’s golden horse in ‘Tears of the Kingdom’ isn’t an easy feat. But with persistence and the right strategy, you’ll be galloping with quite possibly the best mount in the game in no time!

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Golden horse location in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

Link riding the golden horse
The golden horse is one of the best mounts in Tears of the Kingdom.

To get Princess Zelda’s golden horse in Tears of the Kingdom, you first need to head over to the Lucky Clover Gazette, which is located east of Rito Village in the Hebra region. The old stables have been converted into an office, which is where you’ll find Traysi, the Lucky Clover Gazette’s editor. 

She’ll task you with tracking down reports from those who have spotted Zelda near the stables dotted around the game. Once you’ve initiated the side quest, travel over to the Snowfield Stable in the South Tabantha Snowfield

You should see Penn talking to Harlow, the stablehand who tends to Princess Zelda’s golden horse. Harlow will explain that Zelda’s golden horse has gone missing after a ghostly apparition of the princess appeared and spooked it.

Link riding the golden horse
Zelda’s golden horse is fairly easy to find in Tears of the Kingdom.

To find the missing steed, simply venture into the North Tabantha Snowfield. We recommend using another horse or building a sled as you’ll need to navigate past the deadly Frost Gleeok. 

After running past the deadly dragon, you’ll see a field with horses, one of them being Princess Zelda’s golden horse. Simply sneak up to the horse and mount it, making sure to take any stamina food or elixirs to avoid falling off. 

Once you’ve tamed the golden horse, ride it back to the Snowfield Stable and speak with Harlow again. After a brief chat, the stablehand will reward you with Zelda’s golden horse and give you both the Royal Bridle and Royal Saddle.

So, there you have it, that’s everything you need to know about getting Zelda’s golden horse in Tears of the Kingdom. Make sure you check out our Zelda page for all the latest news and guides. 

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