Honkai Star Rail: Black Swan — Leaks, trailer & everything we know

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Honkai Star Rails Black Swan is a new addition coming to the popular gacha game. Here’s everything we know about this brand-new character.

Honkai Star Rail has tons of characters in its roster, with each having its own rating, skill, and fighting style – but there are still more characters on the way, just like the highly anticipated Black Swan.

However, as is the nature of upcoming updates and the future features of Honkai Star Rail, Black Sawn is surrounded by mystery. So, to help out with its upcoming release, here’s everything we know about Black Swan including some trailers, leaks, and more.

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All Black Swan leaks

Currently, thanks to a leak on both Twitter and Reddit, we have a brief view of the upcoming Black Swan. She’s soon to be the newest addition to the Roster and many fans predict she’ll be a 5-star character in the updates to come.

Who is Black Swan?

The Black Swan isn’t necessarily a specific person, but rather an organization dedicated to protecting and sharing memories.

However, in this case, we will likely be meeting the Memorandum of such an organization, serving to help protect and destroy anything that risks such important memories.

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While not too much is known about Black Swan yet, we do know she’ll certainly be a 5-star character. When more information is revealed we will be updating this article so be sure to check back soon.

Does Black Swan have a release date in Honkai Star Rail?

Currently, despite a few leaks and details being revealed, we don’t have a release date for Black Swan’s arrival in Honkai Star Rail.

When we get a release date we will be updating this so keep an eye out to see whether she’ll be coming in the next update or the one after that.

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Honkai Star Rail’s Black Swan teaser trailer

The first real glimpse we get regarding Black Swan is through a trailer depicting the Fables About the Stars. Many suspect that the voice we hear in the narration is that of Black Swan. Moreover, the cover image for the trailer matches the leaked images almost perfectly, meaning that’s likely the character in question.

So, that’s everything we currently know about Black Swan in Honkai Star Rail. While waiting for more information, take a look at some of our other handy guides and content including some free item codes:

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