Hogwarts Legacy Chamber of Secrets mystery deepens as player spots Basilisk

James Busby
Basilisk in The Chamber of Secrets

A Hogwarts Legacy Chamber of Secrets Easter egg has seemingly uncovered the Basilisk, exciting Harry Potter fans around the world. 

Hogwarts Legacy is absolutely brimming with hidden collectibles and Easter eggs that call back to the Harry Potter books and films. While Witches and Wizards have been busy learning every spell, taking classes, and trekking across iconic locations – many have been looking to uncover the game’s secrets. 

Well, one such player has seemingly uncovered an Easter egg that has led to the exciting discovery of what appears to be the Basilisk. It’s certainly one of the most exciting secrets in the game and one that fans will want to see for themselves, especially those who love the lore behind Chamber of Secrets. 

Hogwarts Legacy Chamber of Secrets Basilisk Easter egg

While the Chamber of Secrets may not be accessible in Hogwarts Legacy, one player has seemingly spotted the Basilisk. This exciting discovery was made by, @MaximRagey, who posted their findings on Twitter. 

During the brief clip, the player can be seen running up the steps to the Slytherin common room before noticing a gigantic snake slithering past the door. Not only does the massive creature share the same green coloration as the Baslisk, but it is also not far from the chamber itself. 

While it’s unknown what caused this snake to appear or whether it has further implications for future content, it’s an incredibly exciting find. Whether the developers will add the Chamber of Secrets as part of any upcoming Hogwarts Legacy DLC remains to be seen, but for now, that’s everything we know. 

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