Hogwarts Legacy: All spells, abilities, potions & best spells for combat

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There are a lot of spells for players to master in Hogwarts Legacy, so here’s everything you need to know about all the abilities you’ll be able to use during the game

Hogwarts Legacy has finally arrived and there’s plenty for players to do in the Wizarding World, including learning a lot of magic to help you survive in combat and solve various puzzles around the castle and out in the open world.

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The spells in Hogwarts Legacy are categorized in different ways, with some being essential in combat, solving puzzles in the open world, or a mix of both.

As there are a plethora of spells and abilities you’ll learn throughout the game, here are all of the different charms, jinxes, hexes, and curses available in Hogwarts Legacy and list of the best spells purely for combat use.


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The foes you face in Hogwarts Legacy are just as terrifying as he who must not be named.

Hogwarts Legacy: All spells & abilities


Potions are an important part of defense and offense in Hogwarts Legacy. Some potions increase defense tremendously, while others increase the damage spells do. Here’s a full breakdown of the various Potions students can brew in Hogwarts Legacy.

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Potion What it does
Wiggenweld Potion Heals/Increases health
Edurus Potion Enhances the drinker’s defense
Maxima Potion Increases the drinker’s spell damage
Invisibility Potion Turns the drinker completely invisible for a brief period
Focus Potion Shortens spell-casting cooldowns
Thunderbrew Potion Creates a storm around the drinker that stuns and damages enemies
Felix Felicis Reveals the location of large loot chests on the map for one day

Magical Plants

While there are only a few Magical Plants students can wield in combat, they shouldn’t be underestimated. Using Magical Plants is a great way to provide passive damage during tense and frantic battles.

Magical Plant What it does
Venomous Tentacula When deployed, shoots acid at nearby enemies
Mandrake plant Stuns enemies around the player
Chinese Chomping Cabbages Automatically attack enemies when released

Offensive/Attack Spells & Abilities

Offensive spells are the ones you’ll learn about in classes like Defense Against the Dark Arts and Charms class, but whether you choose to use them or not is entirely up to you. Devastate enemies with fire or blast them out of the fight entirely; your surroundings bow to your whim.

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Spell/Ability What it does
Arresto Momentum (Control) Slows both objects and enemies
Glacius (Control) Freezes enemies and increases follow-up attack damage
Levioso (Control) Levitates objects and enemies
Transformation (Control) Transforms objects and enemies into alternate forms
Accio (Force) Summons a variety of objects and enemies to close range
Depulso (Force) Repels many types of objects and enemies
Descendo (Force) Slams objects and enemies into the ground. Enemies slammed into the ground take damage—moreso if they’re airborne
Flipendo (Force) Flips objects and enemies upwards and backwards
Confringo (Damage) A long-range bolt that deals damage on impact. Fire-based damage.
Diffindo (Damage) Slashes objects and enemies from afar for considerable damage.
Expelliarmus (Damage) Disarms wands and weapons. Also deals damage.
Bombarda (Damage) Deals heavy damage on impact, accompanied by an explosion. Also destroys some objects.
Incendio (Damage) Short range fire spell that deals significant damage.
Avada Kedavra (Unforgivable Curse) Instantly kills an enemy. Has a very long cooldown.
Crucio (Unforgivable Curse) Causes enemies to writhe in pain as they take damage. Also adds curse effect to enemies.
Imperio (Unforgivable Curse) Temporarily forces enemies to fight for you. Enemies take damage over time. Also applies the curse effect.

Utility Spells

Utility Spells don’t have much practical use in combat but are often imperative to exploration and puzzle-solving. A handful of these spells are also incredibly useful in the Room of Requirement, which acts as a sort of player-housing system in Hogwarts Legacy.

Spell/Ability What it does
Dissillusionment Causes you to blend into your surroundings, making you much harder to notice
Lumos Creates light from the end of your wand. Allows you to see in dark areas.
Reparo Allows you to quickly return certain damaged objects to their fixed states
Wingardium Leviosa Levitates and controls movable objects. Automatically cast after using Levioso on objects.
Conjuring Spell (Transfiguration) Conjures objects into existence. Only in the Room of Requirement.
Altering Spell (Transfiguration) Alter the physical forms and features of items. Only in the Room of Requirement.
Evanesco (Transfiguration) Vanishes items and returns Moonstone. Only in the Room of Requirement.
Beast Petting Brush Summons a brush that grooms beasts
Beast Feed Summons beast feed
Nab-Sack A charmed bag that is used to catch and summon beasts

Essential Spells

Essential spells are spells players can learn and use outside of combat. Essentially spells are integral to progressing through certain sidequests and story missions.

Spell What it does
Basic Cast Deals minor damage to enemies and objects
Revelio Highlights a variety of useful and interactive targets around the world
Protego Protects against a variety of attacks. Can hold Protego cast to perform a follow-up Stupefy cast.
Stupefy Stuns enemies making them easier to hit with follow-up attacks. Deals no direct damage unless upgraded.
Alohomora Unlocks locked doors and chests. Can be upgraded three times.
Petrificus Totalus A stealth-oriented spell that binds enemies permanently. More powerful or dangerous foes will only take significant damage from this spell.
Ancient Magic Throw Throws objects at enemies to stun and deal damage
Ancient Magic (Finisher) When one segment of the Ancient Magic meter is full, can be used to immediately kill weaker enemies and deal damage to strong enemies. Breaks Shield Charms.

Best combat spells in Hogwarts Legacy

Hogwarts Legacy’s combat system is deceptively complex and offers plenty of ways to extend combos and juggle enemies. However, there are a few spells that stand out among the rest in a battle.

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Here’s a breakdown of some of the best combat-oriented spells in Hogwarts Legacy in no particular order:

Spell Strengths in combat
Basic Cast Quick and constant source of minor damage. Extends combos and builds Ancient Magic meter.
Confringo Long-range source of heavy fire damage. Upgrading it allows multiple fiery bolts to hit enemies.
Bombarda Great for damage and enemy dispersal. Can clear out many enemies grouped together to give players more space.
Levioso Quick cooldown that allows for longer combos. Beginning a combo with Levioso, three Basic Shots, and then Accio to extend it provides heavy damage.
Accio Can pull out-of-reach enemies into a fight. Excellent combo potential when paired with Levioso or Arresto Momentum.
Descendo Useful combo finisher that can displace enemies. Once upgraded it creates a shockwave that can damage and briefly stun foes.
Expelliarmus Gets rid of enemy weapons and deals solid damage. Can also combo into an Ancient Magic Throw for even more damage.
Transfiguration Completely renders one enemy useless. Once upgraded, can turn enemies into exploding barrels to provide even more damage with Ancient Magic Throw.
Avada Kedavra (Unforgivable Curse) Instantly kills an enemy. Players embracing the Dark Arts can freely wield the most powerful spell in the game. Manage its lengthy cooldown with Focus Potions.
Crucio (Unforgivable Curse) Deals damage over time and renders an enemy useless for a period of time. Also inflicts the Curse status which makes enemies take more damage.
Imperio (Unforgivable Curse) Turns one enemy into an ally for a period of time. Also inflicts the Curse status, meaning these enemies will take more damage from spells.

So that’s all of the different spells and abilities we know about in Hogwarts Legacy so far. Looking to keep up with all of the latest news about Portkey’s Harry Potter adventure? Be sure to check out our dedicated main page and other content listed below.

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