Will Hogwarts Legacy be on Steam Deck?

Lawrence Scotti
hogwarts legacy gameplay
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Is Hogwarts Legacy coming to Steam Deck? With a release window is confirmed for Holiday 2022, fans are wondering if the game will be optimized for the handheld console.

Harry Potter fans waited a long while for news on Hogwarts Legacy and were finally rewarded for their patience.

After the game was announced two years ago, developer Avalanche Studios were hush on info until a surprise PlayStation State of Play on March 17 showcased new gameplay and release info about the title.

Steam Deck owners are curious if it will have optimization for the handheld after it was confirmed for release on every major console, as well as PC.

Hogwarts Legacy player fighting Dragon
Warner Bros.
Hogwarts Legacy is coming Holiday 2022.

Is Hogwarts Legacy coming to Steam Deck?

While the game is confirmed to be released on Steam, there is no confirmation it will be optimized for Steam Deck upon release.

Hogwarts Legacy was confirmed for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Nintendo Switch, and PC, leading fans to believe the Steam Deck could easily handle the magical RPG.

Harry Potter fans want Hogwarts Legacy on Steam Deck

The announcement that the title will also drop on the Switch made fans hopeful for a Steam Deck release.

One user on Reddit saw the news as confirmation the Steam Deck will run it. “That’s really good news for Steam Deck fanatics because that means the game will be 10x better graphics and gameplay than the Switch, portable Hogwarts Legacy here we come!” they wrote, with many others also excited.

“Yeah very excited about portable Hogwarts!” another wrote. “The real boon for Steam Deck is when PS4 or Xbox One have a version, it guarantees a decent Steam Deck version basically.”

Though the handheld rocks more powerful hardware than the Nintendo Switch, it remains to be seen if a Steam Deck version of Hogwarts Legacy will happen.

We will update this with more information as it comes to light.