How to get Thestral mount in Hogwarts Legacy

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If you’re curious as to how you can go about unlocking the Thestral mount in Hogwarts Legacy, our guide has everything you need to know about this magical horse. 

Mounts, like spells, are likely an important part of Hogwarts Legacy’s open world, and they come in all shapes and sizes, from the trusty broomstick to the Hippogriff. This gives players a number of options to choose from, with one of the game’s most iconic additions arguably being the Thestral — a skeletal horse that is capable of flying effortlessly through the skies. 

Hogwarts Legacy enables players to gain access to the Thestral mount, which is likely incredibly exciting news for any Harry Potter fan. So, if you wish to know how you can unlock the Thestral Mount in Hogwarts Legacy, then our guide has everything you need to know. 

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How to unlock the Thestral mount in Hogwarts Legacy

Hogwarts Legacy Thestral Mount Pre Order BonusAvalanche Software
The Thestral mount will likely prove popular in Hogwarts Legacy.

As of writing, the Thestral mount is available to those that purchase the Hogwarts Legacy Deluxe Edition and Collector’s Edition. This iconic horse is bundled alongside the Dark Arts Pack, which contains the following items: 

  • Thestral Mount 
  • Dark Arts Cosmetic Set 
  • Dark Arts Battle Arena 
  • Dark Arts Garrison Hat

According to Hogwarts Legacy’s FAQ section, however, “players with the Hogwarts Legacy Standard Edition can purchase the Dark Arts Pack in-game separately, which is otherwise available exclusively in the Deluxe Edition.”

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This means that gamers who may not want to pre-order the title will be able to access this pack down the line at a later date.

So far, players can expect to ride a variety of mounts, with Hippogriffs and brooms being among those shown. However, one thing’s for sure, being able to take to the skies on your very own Thestral mount and fly around the game’s open world will certainly be a great way to explore.

There you have it, that’s everything you need to know about how you can get the Thestral Mount in Hogwarts Legacy. Make sure you check out our Hogwarts Legacy page for all the latest news and guides.

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